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After Cannes and Genoa, Wider 150 Genesi will take part to Monaco Boat Show, too (September 28- October 1).

Tilli Antonelli, founder and CEO of Wider, a dynamic visionary businessman, has struck again. This time, his proposal is a 47-metre superyacht with huge interiors and exteriors, large balconies and lateral gangways, an astern beach club and a fore lounge which appears under a large rigid T-top.

wider 150_3A e

But what really makes this vessel innovative is something you can’t see: Wider 150 is a 100% electric superyacht. Yes, since Tilli Antonelli doesn’t like “halfway or hybrid things”.

A real challenge if you consider that the owners of this kind of boats have no time and don’t like troubles.

Wider 150
The engine room is divided into two different compartments: a fore power generator room and an astern technical room

The “heart” of Wider 150 is made up of four generators which produce alternating current and convert it into continuous current. Since there are no mechanical constraints, the engine room is divided into two different compartments: a fore power generator room and an astern technical room, where lithium batteries are located (52 batteries for a total range of 544 Kwh). The choice to separate the engine room has allowed to free the central part of the hull to the benefit of larger guest cabins in the most stable point of the yacht. The energy produced by the generators is later transmitted to the double-propeller AziPods which push Genesi up to a maximum speed of 14 knots and a cruising one of 13. In terms of consumption, Wider 150 ensures great performances: just 68 l/h at 10 knots, all services included.

Noise and vibrations reduction was another important challenge for this project. The result is extraordinary: Genesi is the first ship in the world to obtain Rina Comfort Class Certification with the maximum score of 100/100.wider 150_7

“I’m extremely satisfied with the recognition achieved by Wider 150/01 because this proves the important work done by the whole team involved into her planning and construction process. It’s in no way enough to replace diesel engines with an electric system to reach this target; on the contrary, a long series of advanced details and arrangements are required, such as special soundproof materials, anti-vibration treatments and much more”, says Tilli Antonelli.

wider 150_2
The indoor swimming pool in the beach club becomes a garage for a 32′ tender. The bottom of the pool has the same size then the motor boat bottom.

Another smart idea is the astern tender garage (it can host a 32′ tender). When the tender is out, the garage can be converted into a beach club equipped with an indoor seawater swimming pool. The pool has the same shape than the motor boat bottom and it is made of the same materials used on military boats.

wider 150_6
4 hydraulic pistons lift the T-top which unveils the fore lounge.

Finally, there’s a huge fore lounge area. While sailing, it’s invisible since it’s hidden under a watertight hatch integrated in the deckhouse. When it’s needed, four hydraulic pistons lift the hatch and the huge lounge appears.

Wider 150 is a displacing yacht, totally made of aluminium, designed by Fulvio De Simoni, Tilli Antonelli and Wider designers.


Technical Data

Overall length 47.05 m
Width 8.6 m
Draft 2.2 m
Displacement 391 t
Exterior Designer Fulvio De Simoni
Interior Designer Ideaeitalia – BB/DESIGN
Naval Architect Wider Engineering Sydac
Fuel 45,000 l
Water 12,000 l
Top speed 14,1 kn autonomy 2 000 nm
Cruising speed 13 kn autonomy 2 500 nm
Electric engines 2x 531kW
Generators 4x 350kW
Batteries Pack 544kWh



wider 150_5
The pilot house is versatile, screens raise, the seat hides when it is not needed and monitors are installed on mobile consoles.

wider 150_4

wider 150 pod
AziPods allows ho have a draft of just 2.20 m
wider 150_11
The salon on the upper deck.
wider 150_10
The shipowner’s cabin
wider 150_9
The sun deck


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