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Yachts Supply : propulsion systems and services for yachting

Yachts Supply stems from the desire to offer high-end services to the world of YACHTS and SUPERYACHTS. A true excellence in propulsion systems and marine supplies, capable of offering comprehensive and highly personalized support for owners, captains, and shipyards.

Thanks to the Lorenzoni family’s over 90 years of experience in the production of propulsion systems for commercial and military vessels, Yachts Supply offers its customers unique and highly qualified professionalism.

Expanding with new offices in Milan and Naples, alongside the historic headquarters in Livorno, Yachts Supply aims to provide a complete range of services, from production to technical and commercial consultancy. Specializing in workboats and ship carpentry, the Lorenzoni Shipyard in Livorno has been a leader in marine diesel engine repair since the 1930s.

Covering a surface of 7,000 square meters with a 150-ton travel lift, Yachts Supply offers comprehensive services including hauling, launching, storage, and maintenance for all types of boats up to 35 meters in length.

Lorenzoni shipyard

Specializing in propulsion systems (shaft lines, engines, propellers, and inverters), Yachts Supply looks to the future by focusing on innovation and quality. The shared passion and experience between engineers Lorenzoni and De Simone have given rise to an ambitious project that excels in customization and new technologies. The project extends beyond the propulsion market, aiming to collaborate with shipyards to develop new projects focused on innovation and new technologies.

Yachts Supply

De Simone began his career in the propulsion sector in 2005 at the Italian branch of a leading company in the field, where he managed the development of the Italian commercial network, overseeing both sales and installation. His passion for the boating world and the pursuit of new challenges have led him to hold key commercial roles in the yacht and mega-yacht sector throughout his career, culminating in his current role at Yachts Supply.

CEO Leopoldo Lorenzoni graduated from the Nautical Technical Institute Cappellini in Livorno and served as an officer in the Naval Academy in the Naval Engineering Corps. He later earned a degree in Management Engineering from the University of Pisa. Following his studies, he joined the Lorenzoni family business, initially focusing on distributing VM marine engines for leisure and commercial vessels, as well as becoming a distributor of Doosan products for industrial applications.

At the same time, the company launched shipbuilding activities, specializing in the construction of steel hulls up to 30 meters and refitting at its own shipyard. In 2017, RCD2 certification was obtained for VM engines, which have been marketed since 1961, resulting in the creation of the LVM brand. Now, through Yacht Supply, the aim is to provide yacht owners with a complete and highly specialized service.


Yachts Supply also offers fully customizable propulsion systems, from material selection to engineering design, with a strong emphasis on attention to detail and dedication to quality. Personalized consultancy and technical support are the hallmarks of Yachts Supply.



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