Zar Formenti Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury
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Zar Formenti Zar 95 SL

Classifying the new Zar Formenti Zar 95 SL with a qualifier is a difficult task.

The term Zar 95 SL“inflatable boat” is to restrictive for her. Yes, it is true, she is equipped with tubulars but the particular building technology that has made Zar boats famous all around the world makes them represent the perfect link between inflatable and fiberglass boats.

The term “boat”, too, is too restrictive.

With a boat, you can’t run ashore, come alongside and enjoy all the seating, sun pads and storage compartments that are commonly found on an inflatable boat.

Moreover, the new Zar 95 SL has another element that makes classification difficult: her length.

Looking at the Zar 95 SL aerial viewtechnical specifications provided by Zar Formenti, we realize that the overall length of the boat is identical to the internal walking one. And it’s not a misprint.

That’s why, when climbing on board a Zar Formenti, you’ll feel like being on board a definitely larger boat. It’s not a feeling, it is true and the Zar 95 SL is not exception; she actually emphasizes this concept.

For all these reasons, I have no difficulty in classifying, without fear of contradiction, the Zar 95 SL as the first Zar Formenti’s Maxi Rib. Usually reserved for inflatable boats of over 10 meters in length, this term is very appropriate in this case.

Zar 95 SL model

Zar 95 SL Sea Trial

Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, sideWe had the possibility to test the Zar 95 SL for a long time. We spent two whole days with her, covering over 100 miles both at the lake and at sea and, we can already tell you, she has a really extraordinary hull.

This is already clear from the moment we sail at engine idle speed. Stable and precise, the Zar 95 SL behaves more like a motorboat than a dinghy in the water. We only need to accelerate and the boat starts to plane. The wake detaches at 10-11 knots, the boat frees itself from the water’s grip and starts to glide softly.

It is not difficult to perceive how good the hull is since every push on the throttles is equivalent to a speed boost; there is no friction and the boat trim remains unchanged and perfectly horizontal.

I speed up Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, turnuntil I reach 25 knots. At this speed, although the sea is slightly rough, the Zar 95 SL delivers an incredible sense of stability. High and sharp, the bow enters the waves gently and with no impacts.

However, the two 350HP outboards installed on the transom give us the possibility to go further. So, I push throttles down, propellers bite the water without hesitation and….and we are thrown back!

The Zar 95 SL goes out of the water and goes on accelerating. Within just 5.8 seconds, she reach a speed of 40 knots, speeds up again and, finally, the GPS displays a speed of 50 knots.

The 95 SL is stable, we feel like running on rails, I “trim” a little and the speed increases to 54.8 knots.

Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, bowI turn around and look at the other 4 passengers on board. They are sitting in the aft dinette and, despite being aware of the fact we’re sailing very fast, they are relaxed and are holding on to anywhere.

I slow down to 30 knots and start to perform a series of tight turns. The hull of the Zar 95 SL is literally glued to the sea, the centrifugal force is perceivable but it doesn’t make the boat lose her balance.

The boat remains unperturbed even when it pass through the waves generated by our wake that, together with the 1-meter waves, represent a pretty good wall.

Performance is simply exciting.

Zar 95 SL : what’s inside the flagship of luxury sport

Sport and Luxury: Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, pilot seatthat’s what the boats of this Zar Formenti’s line promise. No chase boats or service tenders but real boats to enjoy both travels and stops.

Lines are designed for a fast and sporty, comfortable and enjoyable navigation while spaces are intended to offer a sense of elegant yachting comfort that does not only mean fun under way but also hospitality and fun, in port or at anchor.

Elegant lines accompany and enhance the distinguishing features that have contributed to make these boats famous all around the world, entering a new dimension of sophistication.

Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, helm stationIt is sufficient to observe the deck design to realize that; the two large fore and aft sunbathing platforms are the highest expression of a transforming capacity that allows to have two large sun pads that, with just a few gestures, can turn into two large dinettes where you can have dinner in the shade of awnings.

The central steering console is flanked by two wide side-decks – one on the walkway level on the left, the other in a raised position on the starboard side that leads to the chaise longue positioned ahead of the console itself.

The helm station is equipped with two enveloping ergonomic seats that delimit a central cabinet behind fitted with cooker, sink, refrigerator and an additional compartment.

The storage spaces Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, storage compartmentcreated by Zar Formenti on board the Zar 95 SL are extraordinary.

Every seat hides a storage compartment where you can put anything you need to transform the different areas of the boat or enjoy your daily trips or, if you prefer, your summer long-range cruises.

Equally noteworthy is the ability to accommodate the large cabin under the steering console without compromising the light overall design of this boat that never ceases to have an elegant sporty style.

The bathroom is separate and equipped with all the amenities you need to enjoy your long stays on the sea.


Zar 95 SL Sport Luxury, model 2The Zar 95 SL is a great boat in all respects. Fast, precise and definitively seaworthy, she fully deserves the definition of Maxi Rib.

The essentially infinite number of colour options that Zar Formenti makes available to custom the Zar 95 SL also allows you to have a Maxi Rib that accurately reflects your tastes.

The numerous engine packages available , too, are very interesting and range from 350HP to the version we tested that, with 700HP, is a true missile.

Zar Formenti has reached a really important goal with the new Zar 95 SL that, with a base price of little more that 110,000 euros, is one among the most interesting boats of the current yachting scenario.

All in all, it’s a reasonable price to join the Zar enthusiasts’ family with the new flagship.

 Zar 95 SL Performance

RPM Kn l/h
600 3.7 3.7
1,000 5.4 7.3
1,500 7.6 14.1
2,000 10.6 22
2,500 15.7 31.3
3,000 22.7 48
3,500 28.6 64
4,000 33.1 79
4,500 37.7 110
5,000 42.2 125
5,500 47.1 153
6,000 51.1 186
6,300 54.8 210

Technical Specs

Overall length 9.60 m
Internal walking length 9.60 m
Overall width 3.30 m
Internal walking width 2.50 m
Intertubular width 2.05 m
Tubular diameter  60 cm
Watertight compartments 6
Passengers Capacity 14
Dry Weight 2,500 Kg
Maximum applicable power 522 kW  ( 700HP)
Minimum applicable power 261 kW (350HP)
Recommended Power 373 kW  (500 HP)
Engine shaft length 2 x XL – 1 x XXL
Homologation CE cat “C”

Zar 95 Sport Luxury

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