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Zar 95 SLZar 95 SL: Sergio Davì, special tester for The International Yachting Media

That of the Zar 95 SL, carried out in Miami Biscayne Bay, was a sea trial that allowed us to discover the point of view of a true expert of inflatable boats.

In fact, we were accompanied by Sergio Davì who, fresh from his extraordinary sailing challenge from Palermo to New York, gave us his opinion about the Zar Formenti’s maxi RIB.

Zar 95 SL Sea Trial

The Zar 95 SL waiting for us at the dock is a T-Top version with black livery and Suzuki DF 350 outboard propulsion. There are four of us on board. We start the engines, cast off from the dock of the Miami Marin Stadium  and head for the bay. The weather conditions are good, the wind is blowing between 10 and 14 knots and the sea is almost flat, with only a few waves on the surface.

Zar 95 SL, stern Zar 95 SL, Biscayne Bay

Sergio is the first to take the helm, giving me the possibility to write down all the speed and consumption data on my notebook. Before starting, we seat together in the steering console where we immediately note that the pilot seat is at the right distance from both the throttle and the steering wheel. Leaning on the seats and holding the rudder is a natural movement. Despite our stature – between 1.75 and 1.80 meters – we are perfectly comfortable and at sea at the helm.

Zar 95 SL, steering consoleZar 95 SL, Marco Pinetto and Sergio Davì

We sail further. We push the gas throttles forward and, at 11 knots, we get the boat on plane. In a few seconds, we reach what appears to be the economical cruising speed: at 4,000 rpm, we are sailing at 29 knots with a fuel consumption of 73.4 l/h (2.5 l/nm). We speed up and find that the fast cruising speed is equal to 40 knots. At this speed, we are using just 3.3 liters of fuel per nautical mile.

We findZar 95 SL, side-decks ourselves with a beautiful smile on our face, thinking that we can sail at this speed during a long-range cruise with these fuel consumption levels as well as the high comfort level perceivable on board. The Zar 95 SL, in fact, is extremely stable at sea and the hull seems to be the main strength of this RIB.

The boat is very stable and with a good course stability – Sergio says – The credit for this is to be found in the hull, which is very deep and well-designed. This has some implications on the handling, which is extremely easy, making even the inexperienced helmsman always remain within a well-defined comfort zone. These characteristics will be well-appreciated on a cruise, which will be very relaxing “.

Zar 95 SL, Sergio DavìWe give max throttle. At 51 knots, we sail at 6,300 rpm, with a fuel consumption  of 4.4 l/nm.

The Zar Formenti’s RIB will satisfy the wishes of those who want to sail fast and will be able to do it in an instant since, from 0 to 51 knots, the Zar marks a time of a few cents greater than 18 seconds. This maxi rib also has a sporty character.

We stop for a moment, I safely store my notebook and we’re ready to leave again. We can now vent to the desire that has inevitably reached us, given the good performance, to test maneuvering at high speed. So, we accelerate again.

The response of the boatZar 95 SL, engines to the power supplied by the two engines equipped with double counter-rotating propellers is immediate: the combination is perfect. The seaworthiness of the RIB is good with the sea sideways, excellent when it comes from the bow or the stern “.

This is the first Sergio’s comment when we accelerate and decelerate before performing a series of turns that we carry out until we reach a radius of about thirty meters at 25 knots.

Turns are fast, stable and precise. The helmsman can manage trim, gas and wheel easily at the same time”.

I agree with Sergio, as a passenger especially in the first part. I don’t perceive any shocks and I stay well in balance. I don’t even feel the instinctive need to cling excessively to each handrail, as often happens on board some “unpredictable” boats.

Zar 95 SL at seaOnce in the middle of the curve of some larger turns, I notice that the speed drops by a knot or a little more, and then goes up once we get back on course straight, without touching the throttles. It is not a fact that should be related to the hull or trim, that Sergio masterfully adjusts, but to the hard top.

The Hard Top of the Zar 95 is wide and protects the steering console and a good part of the cockpit. However, when the boat tilts at high speed, placing the tube on the water, it creates a light sail effect”, Sergio explains, ” The result is hardly noticeable and it is a pledge that I would be willing to pay for the protection offered by the superstructure, which also has a nice dynamic design“.

Now, it’s my turn at the helm. I perform a new series of turns and the only reflection I can add about the Zar 95 SL is that she is an extraordinarily dry boat. No water spray enters the deck, although I’m trying to push the maneuvers to the limit and to cross the highest waves. The credit for this goes not only to the hull, but also to the high bow of the boat which is made of fiberglass, whose structure becomes one with the plastic spars which are the true trademark of Zar Formenti inflatable boats.


When I ask Sergio Zar 95 SL Sea trial with Sergio Davìto summarize in a few words what he thinks about the Zar 95 SL, he replies:

” It’s a performing, fast and stable boat, especially when sailing at cruising speed. There, in fact, the Zar 95 SL proves to be a truly excellent boat. Her 2,500 kg of weight seem much less once you fly over the water, giving the boat a sporty soul with a great hull “.

Me, instead, I focus on functionality. Sure, the Zar 95 SL, is a great RIB that perfectly combines high performance, comfort and easy handling. But she is also a fully-equipped boat, both on and below deck. Guests, in fact, can benefit from two modular cockpits – one forward, the other aft – which can become a sundeck or a dining area, as necessary. There is also a wet bar with burners and refrigerator behind the steering console. Below deck, instead, the night area consists of a double berth and a separate bathroom.

Zar 95 SL, bow cabin

The Zar 95 is a maxi Rib with remarkable and comfortable performance. A cabin cruiser suitable for both daily and long-range cruises. Similar to a fiberglass boat, it is instead a RIB that will be appreciated by all those who want both of them.

Zar 95 SL Performance

RPM Speed (kn) Fuel Consumption (Gal/h) Fuel Consumption (l/h)
Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
1,000 5.2 2.2 8.3 1.5
1,500 7.1 3.9 14.7 2
2,000 8.5 5.8 21.9 2.5
2,500 10.7 9.8 37 3.4
3,000 15.5 12.4 46 2.9
3,500 23.4 16 60 2.5
4,000 29 19.4 73.4 2.5
4,500 35 24.5 92.7 2.6
5,000 40 32.5 123 3
5,500 44 39.4 149 3.3
6,000 47.5 51.6 195.3 4.1
6,300 51 60.5 228 4.4
Min. planing speed
13 knots at 2,700 rpm
Acceleration (N) Time (S)
0-20 5
0-30 7,62
0-40 10,72
0-max 18,65

Zar 95 SL Sea trial in Miami

Technical Specs

LOA 9.60 m
Internal walking length 9.60 m
Max Beam 3.30 m
 Internal walking width 2.50 m
Intertubular width 2.05 m
Tubular diameter 60 cm
Tubular compartments n. 6
Persons capacity n. 14
Dry displacement 2,500 Kg
Maximum applicable Power kW 522 (700HP)
Minimum applicable Power kW 261 (350 HP)
Recommended Power kW 373 (CV 500)
Engine shaft length 2 x XL – 1 x XXL
Homologation CE cat “C”

Zar Formenti Srl
Vigna della Pace 2/2
20086 | Motta Visconti (MI) – ITALY
Phone +39 02.90000788 | FAX +39 02.90001850

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