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The Italian shipyard Zar Formenti is one among the most active companies we know. With a market spread all around the world, its presence is increasingly more massive. The famous Zar boats are indeed traded in all their versions in 33 different countries spread in 4 continents all around the world by hundreds of dealers.

premiazione Formenti sidneyIt is not therefore surprising if the pictures we’re getting from the Sydney International Boat Show show a satisfied Piero Formenti while accepting the price for the best stand of the nautical exhibition.

If the Italian company has conquered the farthest point of its market on the other side of the ocean , just think what could happen at the Mediterranean’s largest boat show scheduled to take place in the next few weeks in Genoa.

The Italian company is, in fact, getting ready to the Genoa International Boat Show with a real “invasion”.

23 boats on display are a guinness but their arrangement and the scheduled activities are an agenda worthy to be listed.

At its stand in the Marina, opposite pavilion B, seven models will be exhibited in water and available for sea trials: the Zar mini Rib 16 D6 powered by a Suzuki 40 HP engine, the Zar 53 Classic Grey fitted with a 115 HP outboard, the Zar 57 WD Classic Grey powered with a 150 HP motor, the Zar 61 Classic Black and white and the Zar 65 Classic Luxury, both equipped with a 200 Hp engine; the Zar Formenti Zar 65Zar Antracite Grey red Cushions fitted with a 300 Hp motor and the Zar 85 SL Black red cushions with twin 250 HP engines.

The close partnership with Suzuki is confirmed by the presence of the Zar 85 SL Grey, made available by the Japanese manufacturer for sea trials. The model will be equipped with the new Suzuki 350 Hp Duoprop, the most powerful outboard never designed by the Japanese brand.

Furthermore, the shipyard will provide a chance for visitors to climb on board the Zar mini Rib 16 DL, driven by the pilots of the Round Italy Rib Tour of last April. The event will be also the occasion to exchange opinions and experiences with those who have demonstrated how a reliable 5-metre rib is sufficient to face such a crossing.

The original model of the challenge will be on display at the Zar Formenti’s stand, “as dirty as it came back home” – claims the team.

The quay of the marina will also host an eight model: the Zar 43 Cl.

zar formenti 85 sport luxuryThe Zar Formenti’s stand inside pavilion B will host the worldwide preview of the Zar 79 Sl, the new rib inspired by the Zar 85 Sl in terms of design and deck fitting.

In addition to the above-mentioned Zar mini Rib 16 Dl used for the Round Italy Rib Tour, the stand in pavilion B will also host the other 15 ribs of the range, including another Zar 85 Sl Grey, the Zar 65 Classic Grey, the Zar 59 Sl, the 57 WD Classic Grey, the 53 Classic Black & White, the Zar 49 Sl, the Zartender ZF and ZF3 alongside other 5 Zar mini models: the 13 Dl, the 10 Dl, the 9 Light, the Alu 11, the Air 8 and the Fun 7.

As you can see, it’s not an exaggeration to talk about “invasion”: the models to test are many and highly desirable.

So, don’t waste your time and book your sea trial!


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