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A few hours after the end of the Miami International Boat Show, the perception of the Italian presence amongst the stands set up in the three distinct locations where the event was held seems to be supported by objective data. Italian products were recognizable everywhere, except for the area reserved for sailboats.

Among Italian brands, Zar Formenti certainly stood out with its great stand and 10 different boats representing the product lines this Italian company crafts, trades and distributes all around the world.

In particular, the Zar line is that which made this brand famous. It represents an ideal joining link between ribs and fiberglass boats combining the comfort of the first and the versatility of the second ones.Zar 49 SL Zar Formenti

In its stand at the Marina Stadium, the shipyard exhibited some models of this line, such as the Zar 49 and the Zar 57, which represents the heir of the historic Zar 57 Twin, the winner of many Italian races and famous for its hull lines.

The Zar Tender line includes boats with high-quality finishings. Designed as tenders for big yachts, they concentrate comfort, power and a deep V hull for comfortable short transfers and longer cruises in a few feet.

Zf0 Zar Formenti
Zf0 Zar Formenti

Amongst the models exhibited in Miami, we particularly liked the ZF0. It’s the entry level of this product family. Just 3 metres long, this boat is a real masterpiece of comfort, where passengers (up to 4 people) can enjoy a fun safe experience perfectly shielded from water splashes as well as a large amount of useful lockers.


The group also exhibited the ZF1 and the ZF3 , two tenders designed for larger yachts, more demanding in terms of range and capacity. ZAr-MIni

Finally, the Zar Mini line: traditional versatile inflatable boats, also available in an aluminum hull version. Light, austere and resistant, they have a wide range of uses, from “light” recreational boating to professional experiences. With this line, Zar Formenti offers excellent tenders for both sailing and motor yachts under 15 metres and refined high-quality ribs specifically designed for pure recreational boating.











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