1,000 miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea
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1,000 miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea: Daydreamer, the lab-boat of The International Yachting Media, sets sail for a new technical cruise

Now in its fifth edition, the popular ” Test Cruise” that every year sees the Daydreamer engaged in the most varied product tests changes its name (and itinerary) and becomes ” One thousand miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea” for a completely new editorial format.

Compared to previous years, the 2021 technical cruise of our lab-boat starts earlier. In addition to the usual product tests, we will be engaged in the production of a series of articles and documentary films, destined to portray the most fascinating sailing areas of the world’s most beautiful sea.

We will set sail from Marina di Varazze to the Tuscan archipelago and then head for the Pontine and the Flegrean islands. A first stretch of 350/400 miles with 10 enchanting islands in the middle, absolutely unmissable destinations of our summer holidays. The route then continues in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea to reach, after another 150 miles of sailing, the Aeolian Islands, the mythological residence of the Greek god of the same name from which, thanks to the observation of the clouds of vapur hanging over the Stromboli volcano, he managed to predict the weather.

1,000 miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea Daydreamer

Another 150 miles will take us to the Egadi Islands. Then, the amazing Sardinia and a visit to Carloforte with its wonderful anchorages. Lastly, the Strait of Bonifacio and the western coast of Corsica which, despite not being washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a sailing area we particularly like and that is a prelude to the final crossing which will take our Daydreamer back to her usual mooring port.

A thousand miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea to film, photograph and write about the most beautiful places of this sea. A thousand miles to test first-hand – we are the only ones to do that – the accessories that have become “must-have” for all those who go boating with their family.

The list of the products that will be subjected to our stress tests (and, therefore, to a truly extensive use) is very long and still provisional. They range from the all-new Raymarine LightHouse Charts that we will test in combination with an Axiom Plus multifunction system to the numerous and varied Quick Spa-branded marine accessories we will install on board for the occasion.

At the bow of the Daydreamer, a place of honour is given to an anchor that promises astonishing performance. It is called Ultramarine and, for the occasion, it will be filmed both above and below the sea level. Our shore excursions will be made easier and faster by the Selva Guppy 2.5 which, complete with the Selva 320 VIB tender, is at its third year of continuous stress test which, to simulate an extensive use of these products, wants them not to be stored or maintained. The same goes for the Guidi valves that, having been on board for 5 years, will be subjected to a new test.

Many other products, of which we cannot disclose the name, will soon be added to this list to complete an overall picture that, as usual, confirms the importance that The International Yachting Media gives to the most authentic sea experiences, an essential element of a precise and responsible journalism because – let us stress that –  you can write from the comfort of your sofa but the scent of the sea is another thing.


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