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Bali 4.0 is a further and definitive step forward by Catana in the catamarans field. In its 30-year-life, the French brand has conquered a top position in the international boating as regards multihulls. Its boats are famous for their high quality, solidity and custom production. For a couple of years, since Cannes Exhibition in 2014, they have been launching the Bali range, with Bali 4.5 and Bali 4.3. The aim is to conquer the high numbers market and not only the excellence one.

Catana/Bali’s producing establishments are four, in addition to that one of Canet en Roussillon (where the biggest Catana boats, from 47 to 70 feet, and Bali 4.5 are produced): they are located in Marans, near La Rochelle ((Catana 42, Bali 4.3 and 4.0), in Tolone (seat of the brokerage and big custom models) and finally in Tunisia, where Bali 4.0 is produced but only in the charter version with four cabins. The advantages of a construction site in North Africa are, in addition to a good manpower cost reduction, an easier delivery in the harbours where charter Bali 4.0 has its natural intended use: Greece, Turkey, Southern Italy, Croatia.

In order to join an already crowded and competitive market, Olivier Poncin (an old fox in the transalpine boating) decided to add some very innovative and smart ideas: an additional fore cockpit (so, not only a simple net) and an astern flippable hatch hiding under the “roof” of the central superstructure. The final result is that boat, with a length of 12 metres and a width of 6.70 metres, allows a great circulation aboard and it is very comfortable. The lift hatch is successful in creating an absolute continuity between the bow and the poop and it converts the external dinette into a sort of huge cockpit (lateral and front windows make this “illusion” possible).

This central zone hosts also the kitchen (size and design are totally “domestic”, with a column fridge that is the dream of every family in cruise) and a huge work chart-pilot zone. There is only one rudder but the automatic pilot is a good solution. Its position, just before the “windscreen” allows an excellent view. The lunch table is good for six people.


“Downstairs”, there are the cabins. The possible configurations are four: three cabins and two bathrooms ( the entire zone on the left is exclusively dedicated to a couple, with a huge fore bathroom and a separated shower bow, while on the the right the two cabins share one bathroom), or three cabins and three bathrooms or, finally, 8 beds and four bathrooms. Space is enough but not exaggerated.

On the deck, we find the most interesting surprises. First of all, the additional cockpit, accessible through two lateral gangways, equipped with two small tables and a big sunbathing platform. On the fly bridge, there are the pilot house and two sunbathing areas, one of which is provided with a small sofa.




Sea trial

We tested the boat in a not good day in Marina di Loano. It was very wind (about 25 knots). Gusts coming from Liguria were particularly annoying. So, the typical conditions where a good family man (even a good sailor) would have given up and would have preferred to stay in the harbour to taste a good Pigato and some taggiasche olives. But Bali 4.0 was extremely efficient, quiet and reassuring. Its two engines make everything easy. The rudder on the fly bridge allow a 306-degree view and easy manoeuvres.

Once left, with the mainsail  reduced and the jib reduced of 20%, we sailed and we had fun. Our sensations, in order: great calmness, despite the storm outside. The boat gives the possibility to react but with calm. Equipments are extremely easy to use and the helmsman has anything at his fingertips. So, our second sensation: it is very easy to drive.

Third sensation and the consequence of the previous ones: forget adrenaline. The boat reacts but always with calm. Everything stays at its place, even our glass of Pigato, and you can enjoy navigation, landscape and your company. The maximum speed? 9.2 knots, and a peak of 25 knots. When the wind calmed down, the boat sailed well at 6/7 knots.

The boat is solid and compact, an unusual feature in catamarans. So no bad vibrations, even at the maximum speed. We used two 40 Hp engines (the standard versio is provided with two 20 HP engines but we don’t  like them). The cruising speed is about 7 knots, with a consumption of 3 litres/hour for each engine. Good for a good family man.




Bali 4.0  – Technical File

Overall Length.: 11.99 m
Floating length:  11.50 m
Max Width:  6.72 m
Draught:  1.12 m
Empty boat weight: 8,600 kg
Full load weight: 11,200 kg

9/10 splitted, quartered cross-trees
Mainsail area:48 sq.m.
Jib area: 33 sq.m.
square top full batten dacron mainsail, 50 sq.m.
Gennaker:  56 sq.m on bomsprit or furler (optional)
Asymmetric Spinnaker: 90 sq.m. (optional)

Tested boat: 2 x 40  0 20 HP
Transmissioneì: S-Drive
Water tanks: 800 l
Fuel Tanks:  400 l
Fresh water Tank: 800 l
Sewage Tank: 2 x 50 l
Grey water Tank: 2 x120 l
Fridge+ freezer: 272 l
CE Planning Category: A
Max people: 10

Project:  Olivier Poncin – Yann Chabaud
Hulls ans structures: Xabier Fay
Interior design: Hervé Couedel
Shipbuider: Catana, Canet en Roussillon, Francia

The hull mould has been produced in three parts joined on the keel line, while the platform and the inner parts of the hull are in a unique piece for a great solidity.  Fiberglass hulls have been built with a sandwich resin and polyestere technology. Fiberglass monolitic hull, fiberglass infused deck and topside with monolitic plywood supports.

Basic price: 253,000 Euros (VAT excluded)
Pack Excellence: 220 system, battery charger, inverter, freezer, led light, astern platform, complete shower, slidign astern hatch, electric mainsail winch , automatic reefing system, 2 additional batteries, additional water tank (400l), pillows, Solent fulger, anchor winch (1,000 Watt), tender cranesr: 284,930 Euros (VAT excluded).

4-cabin-version:  4,000 Euro extra

bali interni








bali coperta


  1. has there ever been a boat company or single owner who has taken out his wallet and donated a yacht that one or two people could handle and use as there home,its just a dream for me.Thank You.John

  2. I have been trying to get information of the speed of the Bali under sail without engines. Every sea trial I have read uses the engines while under sail. A sea trial without giving speed over ground and wind speed information under sail is a joke. I would appreciate some honest facts under sail.

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