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Shape and function: the secrets of Luca Santella’s Bluegame 62

Luca Santella and Fabio Marcellinio
Luca Santella and Fabio Marcellinio 

In the segment of motor-powered yachts, at least until a few years ago, there were, in essence, two lines of thoughts.

The fist places design at the heart of projects that come to life, live and complete their cycle under the sign of beauty. These are yachts that are able to make our heart quicken but that, unfortunately, often pay the price of some “defects” in terms of usability at sea.

The second line of thought, instead, places space and function at the heart of creations that, almost always, are able to offer unforgettable moments of life on board but that, alas, are not exactly able to impress us for their beauty when observed from the dock.



Bluegame 62, TopThen, Luca Santella, architect and award-winning Olympic sailing champion, has pulled something special out of his hat: the project of a strongly innovative yacht that is able to be at the same time beautiful and seaworthy, luxury and functional.

This is how “sport utility yachts” were born, destined, from that moment on, to change the rules of the market.




Bluegame 62 : exteriors

The Bluegame 62 that Bluegame 62, bathing platformwe are visiting at the 50th Dusseldorf Boat Show today represents the quintessence of sport utility yachts.

A yacht where shape and function not only don’t hinder each other but are brilliantly joint together to offer moments of life on board that are simply unthinkable for any other boat.

This is immediately perceivable when climbing on board. A glance at the stern platform is sufficient to understand how much contact with the sea this yacht offers. At anchor, the beach area is partially submersible and, while on one side it unveils a real bathing ladder, more than half of its considerable surface is left emerged, and therefore dry, on the other side.

Bluegame 62, open spaceCrossing the stern platform, the rationalization of on-board circulation is impressive. The deck plan of the Bluegame 62 develops around an open space surrounded by lateral walkways that, very wide and efficiently sheltered by topsides, create a masterpiece of functional engineering.

Within this perimeter, there are two multi-purpose lounges: one entirely covered by the T-Top while the other, positioned aft and destined to sunbathing, is covered by a shading cloth.


The combination of these twoBluegame 62, bow areas results into a perfect environment where, at the choice of the owner and without transformations, passengers can have lunch or dinner sheltered against the sun or simply enjoy relax, the whole with an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort.

Walking the side-deck, we get the bow that is another masterpiece of design. Here, Luca Santella has created a real Portuguese bridge that, with such dimensions, is commonly found only on superyachts.

And instead, exploiting the deck house positioned ahead of the pilot house, we find a large sun pad that, descending up to become a sofa, is opposed to the living area created on the bow perimeter.

A multi-purpose environment that, with the simple pressure of a button, can go from being a third lounge to a place where to relax in the shadow of the forward shading cloth.

Bluegame 62, side-deckThe pilot house Bluegame 62, pilot houseis a key element of this project. Large, safe and genial, it guarantees a safe shelter as well as a 360-degree view while characterizing this yacht overwhelmingly, making it simply unique.

The glass windows, inclined upwind, free precious space on the deck house while giving the yacht an aggressive concrete look that unquestionably transmits the sensation of being able to face any weather sea condition.

Always from this central element originates the T-Top that, surprisingly again, hides the fourth sunbathing platform of this yacht.

It is accessible from two aft ladders that, climbing on the “fly bridge”, transform themselves into a handrail and delimit what is destined to become the most appreciated sunbathing platform of the boat.

Bluegame 62, sun pad



Bluegame 62, interiorsIf Luca Santella’s exteriors have bewitched us, when we climb down the first step of the ladder leading to the lower deck of the Bluegame 62 we are completely speechless, astonished by what the design firm Zuccon has created on this yacht.

As soon as we get the lower deck, we are impressed by the contrast offered by the polished white furniture and the natural-wood slatted flooring. It’s a combination that makes the environment bright while expanding boundaries much beyond its physical limits.

On the port side, a linear extraordinarily beautiful galley delimits the length of the dinette opposing a U-shaped sofa that envelops a dinner table.


Forward, the Bluegame 62, forward interiorsVIP cabin accommodates two queen-sized V-shaped beds and a very large walkway. The bathroom is large and equipped with separated shower.

However, the real queen of the lower deck is the full-beam Master Cabin that uses all the 5 meters of width to create a space of rare beauty where reflected (never direct) light creates luxury sophisticated atmospheres that are enhanced by many refined details visible throughout the cabin.

Two large chests of drawers covered with pearl grey leather, for example, not only increase the storage capacity of the room but also give the starboard topside the capacity to let natural light come in.


Bluegame 62, master cabinThe central bed, apparently suspended in the air and asymmetrically positioned in the starboard midpoint, allows to create what is probably the most beautiful en-suite bathroom never seen before on a boat of this size.

The “shower box” is simply perfect, huge and invisible, precious and reflecting at the same time.

Nothing on this yacht is left to chance and actually brings a gust of innovation in a sector that really needs it.



Finally, if, by chance, Bluegame 62, sunsetyou notice a certain conceptual resemblance with Sanlorenzo’ s SX series, I can assure you that it is not a coincidence.

The mind begind these two innovations is always Luca Santella’s one.

I get off the Bluegame 62, I turn and take one last look at the pilot house and the inclined windscreen and, for one second, I curse the world’s largest out-of-water boat show because such boats should be tested in their natural element: the sea.


Technical Specs

Bluegame 62, technical specs







Bluegame 62, layout 1Bluegame 62, layout 2

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