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Boat Camping tent: aft installation has many advantages. Here’s what

The first boat camping boat camping tent at night experience almost always includes the installation of a “Quechua” tent in the foredeck of the boat. Only a few people, however, know that mounting a tent in the bow means sleeping inclined and away from anything that can be used for a quick emergency intervention, since the bow lockers are inevitably covered.

Instead, it is much better to use (if you have it) the aft sundeck of your boat and set up the tent just there, thus taking advantage of the maximum beam of the boat and thus inflating the longitudinal mattress.

The advantages are multiple: less inclination for sleeping, less roll, direct access to the transom, proximity to both the engine and the steering console and, therefore, the possibility of checking the status of the battery and all the instruments on board, easy access to all bow lockers, where belongings are normally stowed.

The fist boat camping experience is almost always like this. People use traditional camping equipment, without a specific plan.

The question that naturally arises is the following: is this what is meant by boat camping? Once I would certainly said yes but, after many years, I can assure you that, if you want to fully enjoy the experience in total safety and the upmost comfort and privacy, well….my answer is no.

Custom boat camping tent: the best possible solution

In order to better suit your needs, the tent should be designed according to the specific characteristics of your boat. Made of the right fabric, it should be therefore easy to assemble and, above all, easy to disassemble, fold and store in its bag.

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Boat camping tent: it should be assembled and disassembled every day

boat camping tent during the day The tent structure should be made of steel, including the supporting part in the bow which must be removable because it is not needed during the day. This way, you have a tent at night but will all the advantages of an open even during the day.

Sunbrella is undoubtedly the best fabric for a boat camping tent, because it is lightweight, moisture-resistant and easy to fold.

My advice is to use an awning with a set of extensions connected with the hinges on the four sides and hooked to the saddle tank.

The tent should be assembled and disassembled every day: please don’t ever understimate this procedure.

The living comfort of a boat camping tent is surprising and there’s a lot of space available. Privacy is always guaranteed and there is no heat, cold or moisture.

A final recommendation: the tent should be always assembled before the sunset and after tubular desalinization in order to prevent moisture from remaining inside and thuse having the possibility to sleep dry.

Good night!

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