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CMC Marine joins Boot Düsseldorf for the first time

CMC Marine continues its expansion and aims at expanding its market at international level with special attention to Northern European markets.

At Boot Dusseldorf, which CMC Marine is attending for the first time (18-26 January 2020), the Italian company will exhibit some of the most popular products of the last few months, including the Waveless STAB 25 and the Stabilis Electra HS60.

Cmc Marine, stabilizers

Waveless STAB 25

Waveless by CMC CMC Marine Waveless STAB 25 Marine, the family of stabilizers for mid to large-sized boats, will be represented by Waveless STAB 25, which will be exhibited in a fully operational version that visitors will be free to examine.

Waveless is the new generation of electronic stabilizers. It’s fast, ultra compact, silent and high-quality. To fully understand the great innovation, it is sufficient to consider that the smallest model of the range has a footprint of just 9.5 inches inside the hull.

Thanks to Waveless, CMC Marine has managed to materialize a true revolution, introducing traditional fin stabilizers on board boats below 70 feet. This type of stabilization, previously truly exclusive to superyachts, is now a reality even for small boats, thanks to CMC Marine’s ability to combine and exploit the knowledge coming from automation robotics.

Stabilis Electra HS60

CMC Marine Stabilis System The new HS System comes from the evolution of the SE Stabilis Electra System, now optimized to stabilize boats with speeds of up 24 knots.

The system offers multiple innovations, including an optimized fin profile to deliver the best possible performance and the use of electronic devices which guarantee compact dimensions and even higher performance.

CMC Marine, a successful start

Alessandro Cmc Marine at Boot DusseldorfCappiello, founder and CEO of the company, explains the extraordinary CMC Marine’s time of growth: “For our debut at Boot Düsseldorf, which this year features various novelties and a new layout, in addition to the HS60, a stabilizer model optimized for planing boats with speeds of over 24 knots, we have chosen the smallest Waveless model, the ultra compact electric stabilizer, because of its outstanding commercial success.

We couldn’t imagine a better beginning of the year for our business: our participation in the German boat show confirms that Northern Europe, too has become a key market for CMC Marine. Not only because of our numerous partnerships with shipyards but also because owners are taking an increasingly firsthand interest in our products. Waveless STAB 25, for example, is designed for small and medium-sized boats and can even be installed by owners themselves. Its dimensions on board are minimal – 38 cm in diameter and 22 cm in height – and it is designed for installation on boats from 12 meters in length”.

Cmc Marine

Via Francia, 16 Cascina (PI) 56021

Contacts: +39 050 815500, info@cmcmarine.com


  1. I own a Carver 570 Voyager. I have Wesmar stabilizers installed currently but the are not zero speed.
    I use my boat on Lake Erie, fresh water 4 months a year.
    Need questions answered:
    1-can these stabilizers be mounted in the same holes that my Wasmar’s use?
    2-What is the price for a set with all electronics for my boat?
    3-Approxamate cost to install on my boat?
    4-Who is your dealer in the USA?
    Looking forward to your response to my Questions.
    Lionel Trebilcock
    Marco Island, FL
    Phone xxxxxxx

    • Hi Lionel,
      I have addressed your questions below. The Waveless Stab 25 system is a perfect match for your boat. But, with that said, we would need the specifications of your boat to specify the size of the fin and to insure the Stab 25 is the correct size to provide optimal performance.

      1-can these stabilizers be mounted in the same holes that my Wesmar’s use?
      Yes, the CMC Waveless stabilizer can be mounted in the same spot, although the actual hole size may differ and require modifications.

      2-What is the price for a set with all electronics for my boat?
      The pricing of the Waveless Stabilizer complete system start at $69,000 plus freight and excluding installation.

      3-Approxamate cost to install on my boat?
      This needs to be quoted by the appointed shipyard. There are too many variables, type of hull, size of system, accessibility to the working area, shipyard labor rate, etc. for CMC to provide installation estimates.

      I can assist you in finding a yard that can install the system.The cost is certainly lower than any competitive system because of the simplicity of the CMC system.

      4-Who is your dealer in the USA?
      CMC Marine has a branch in USA and sells directly or through its sales and service representatives listed on our web site www.cmcmarine.com/service

      Please let me know if you have more questions or if there is anything more I can do.

      Buddy Morgan
      Sales Director
      CMC Marine Corp.
      400 SE 12th ST., Suite “D”
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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