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Talking with Brunello Acampora leaves little room for loss orientation. He is so filled with creativity that his speeches broaden, extend over other subjects and then, masterfully, converge and come back again by giving a deep complete sense to the goal of the initial speech, that is now not only clearer but also and above all loaded with significant external influences.

Sea and life experiences simply flow into the verbal traits that Brunello uses to outline concepts that successfully reach the listener in the form of mental pictures where everything become clearer.

Those like him who grew up between Naples, Capri and Southampton gozzo apreamareinevitably end up absorbing such a large amount of beauty and sea that, when applied to the design world, cannot do other than become a personal and elegant way to translate ideas into projects, where experiential and passionale ingredients are always highly visible.

That’s probably the reason why, while sitting in Montecarlo during the world’s most luxurious yacht show, our conversation with Brunello Acampora about his vintage gozzo, helped by his ability to melt luxury and culture, beauty and innovation, is more appropriately placed in what is around us.

” What we have here is a certain grace, refinement, absolute elegance that are often rejected by certain contemporary clichés, where prevalent minimalism proposes straight, pointy, military, sometimes beautiful lines that, however, can’t express that typical joy of life that southern regions have always expressed all around the world”.

Brinello acampora Victory DesignBrunello says these words while he caresses the hull of the new Apreamare Gozzo that, a bit like Sofia Loren in show business, is always able to be itself and magnetize everybody’s admiring eyes, wherever it is.

Sea urchins, lemon and prosecco”, Brunello says , and it is impossible not to close eyes and see the Gozzo that – beauty in beauty  – becomes the heartbeat of a day spent at sea, in the shade of the Stacks of Capri.

The Gozzo is Brunello’ latest effort, an important project of great cultural responsibility, especially for two authentic Neapolitans like Brunello Acampora and Cataldo Aprea.

We approached to the Gozzo project with our love for the “gozzo sorrentino”, which is quite different from Ligurian and Maltese gozzo or traditional tartan or felucca boats. You know when a Neapolitan tailor gets the best English haute couture, rips the entire innner structure off to create the Neapolitan sleeve? Well, we acted in the same way, ready and sure of what we were doing”.

This evocative, verbal and design capacity is the mochi-craft-dolphin-51hallmark of all Brunello Acampora’s works. When combined with his ability to respectfully reinvent classics, it results into highly distinctive boats. This happened, for example, when, in early 2000’s, Ferretti Group commissioned him the lines of the “Italian Lobster Style”.

Italian style can reinterpret and develop the great classics”.

The popular Mochi Craft lobster boats, of which the Dolphin 51 was the forefather – have conquered the whole world with their innovative refined lines. Timeless boats whose beauty survives still today and where curved lines and pastel colours successfully evoke 1950s legends.

This year, Victory Design – the overflowing Brunello Acampora’s creativity container –  celebrates its 28th anniversary.

The works of the famous design studio range from motor to sailing boats, from racers to recreational yachts. Many prestigious shipyards have turned to Brunello’s pencil to build their creations, including Apreamare, Azimut, Pershing, Bertram, Riva, Custom Line, Ferretti Yacht, Crn.

Brunello Acampora GenovaVictory Design is populated by young designers and creative talents from all around the world and fully reflects the personality and passion with which Brunello loves working.

” You have to touch, close your eyes and caress the curves of the hull for then open your eyes again and enjoy light highlights”.

Seeing the designer inviting his young apprentices to caress the hulls of vintage Riva boats speaks louder then any other word and explains the love with which Brunello Acampora interprets his work and passion: design.

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  1. Need to converse with someone as to the deep water/ rough water capability of the 74’ Mochi Dolphin.
    Is this just a simple planing hull or a semi displacement hull?
    Appreciate any reply.

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