On Test. FOUR WINNS TH36, the catamaran that didn’t exist before

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FOUR WINNS TH36: the great innovation.

That catamarans are increasingly becoming popular with boat owners is self-evident. Many shipyards,in fact, have begun to offer increasingly comfortable boats with setups that are very different from what we were used to seeing in the multihull world.

Four Winns reinvents a catamaran in just 36 feet of length with the implementation of some really ingenious features that will allow owners to enjoy a completely new cruising experience. I am really curious to get on board this FOUR WINNS TH 36 whose compact lines and design, seen from the dock, evoke those of a sporty boat despite her 4.47m width.

Climbing aboard from the stern of this FOUR WINNS TH36 the center platform allows easy access and more importantly leaves room for a really wide walkway. The two outboard engines are located on the outer sides of the two hulls facilitating mooring and navigation maneuvers. The model we’re going to test is powered by two MERCURY 350HP engines.

The first innovation found on board lies in the large L-shaped sofas aft that can be used either closed in the middle or open as they slide on rails concealed in the floor. This allows the owners to choose the arrangement he prefers and to leave the center walkway free when the boat is at anchor or in the port, thus facilitating on-board circulation.

The central corridor coupled with the large beam is really spacious and you can enjoy the boat wherever you like, on the large sofas aft, on the sofas placed amidships protected by the large aerodynamic T-TOP or in the forward sofas and chaise-longues. In short, a boat that in its 11.7 meters actually has a lot to offer.


helm stationThe helm console is designed to offer good protection and unique visibility thanks to the large windshield that embraces the entire beam. In the middle of the FOUR WINNS TH36 we also find a door opening to the bow that can be closed to get protection during the coldest days.


Forward, a cushioning area embraces the two sides of the catamaran, providing space to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy a cocktail in complete tranquillity.



The TH 36 is compact, extremely stable thanks to her twin hulls, and provides livability worthy of a larger yacht. Large openings on either side of the cockpit provide access to the twin cabins.

Located aft on either side are the double cabins that offer plenty of space, while the bathrooms with separate showers of this FOUR WINNS TH 36 are positioned forward. The interior headroom and large side windows provide cabins with outstanding brightness and comfort.

FOUR WINNS TH36 interior


We finally leave the Cannes harbor around sunset time, and already during maneuvering I realize the great maneuverability of this multihull; the two outboards positioned at the extremities make it easy to play with the steering stick: by using the contrast between the two, an excellent rotating effect is achieved.

This facilitates exit and mooring maneuvers, allowing very precise calibration of movements.

Right away I appreciate the great visibility that this FOUR WINNS 36 TH offers, thanks to the windshield that wraps around the entire dinette, I feel protected from the cold and the humidity that is beginning to be felt.

There are 7 passengers on board and I decide to head for Theoule sur Mer, I throttle up immediately and at 1000 rpm I achieve a speed of 4.5 knots with consumption around 6.5 l/h per engine. The two Mercury 350 V10s push this FOUR WINNS TH36 in a balanced way, there is no tugging and the acceleration is smooth.

I make a quick climb up the revs because I am curious to see how far I can push taking into consideration that we have sea against with half a meter of wave. We reach 21.5 knots in no time at all, the tachometer reads 4550 with fuel consumption settling at 81 l/h per engine. In such sea conditions I don’t feel like pushing further but it is very likely that the top speed could be over 30 knots. I slow down to get to the speed of 12 knots so that I can admire the red sky that is emerging to starboard, a wonderful evening, I slow down again because this late summer sunset is really gorgeous. At 2000 rpm, the FOUR WINNS TH36 glides along at 8 knots, the consumption drops to 17 l/h per engine and I feel like staying at sea again almost as if it were an outing with friends.

Someone jokes at the bow, at the stern they are talking about the summer and the relaxed atmosphere for a moment makes me forget that I am testing this compact and innovative catamaran.

I perform a few small maneuvers to cut my wake and stress the hull by passing at 3000 rpm with a speed of 10 knots. The other passengers do not even notice and continue to talk quietly as if nothing happened.

I return to port with great satisfaction because I really enjoyed this FOUR WINNS TH36 throughout.


RPMSpeedFuel Consumption per engine

FOUR WINS TH36 top view

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