World premiere for the new Grand Soleil 65

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World premiere, and in grand style, for the new Grand Soleil 65 at the recent Boot Düsseldorf. The new GS 65 was one of the most eagerly awaited novelties at the German kermesse and immediately attracted the interest of the press. The first hull is already under construction and this stunning sailboat will be finished just in time to attend the next Cannes Yachting Festival, scheduled for September this year.

Available in two different versions, the new jewel in the Grand Soleil fleet at first glance represents a perfect synthesis of performance, style and innovation. Each version is adapted to the preferences and needs of any owner: Performance for those seeking a more sporty design or Long Cruise for bluewater cruising lovers.

The 50-year manufacturing expertise of the shipyard and the professionalism of the design team ensure that Grand Soleil 65 has the highest quality standards in design and construction. As for the previous Grand Soleil 72, the concept development of this 65-footer was curated and finessed under the expert lead of Franco Corazza: entrepreneur, longtime racer and established champion with many Italian, European and world titles under his belt.

The 65-footer is the result of a totally Made-in-Italy design process that brings together a team of professionals representing Italian excellence in the yachting sector”, says Mr. Corazza.

Like any other yacht by Cantiere del Pardo, this new 65-footer is designed to respect the marine environment in which it sails. The materials and construction methods implied yield low environmental impact and a high degree of recyclability: the teak, the laminated glass, the paints and the resins used, in fact, respect ecological rules and marine eco-sustainability.

The two versions and sail plan

Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise
Grand Soleil 65 Long Cruise

In both versions, the hull design is the same, just as the building technologies used: polyester-based vinylester and composites with carbon reinforcements where needed to make the structure more rigid. The naval architecture of the Grand Soleil 65 is by Matteo Polli and aims at hitting the same targets as its bigger predecessor.

The hull form maintains the pronounced V in the bow and low wetted surface of the Grand Soleil 72 for less resistance, greater dynamic stability when heeling and better performance in light airs,” says Mr. Polli. “However, the overall geometry has been completely revisited to ensure a balanced weight distribution regardless of the different internal layouts”.

Featuring a

Grand Soleil 65 Performance
Grand Soleil 65 Performance

length of 21 meters and a maximum beam of 6, the latest addition by Cantiere del Pardo is a perfect option to enjoy both important performance at sea and relaxing, comfortable cruising.

In terms of sail plan, the mast is positioned far back to maximize the size of the fore triangle. As standard, the Grand Soleil 65 is equipped with a 120m2 self-tacking jib which ensures safe and easy sailing, even with a reduced crew. T

The mainsail is 154m2 and the distribution of the sail areas allows excellent aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining a relatively low centre of effort with a consequent reduction of heel.

Exterior Design

The main purpose of this 65-footer is to make best use of all available space. This is why, in collaboration with Nauta Design, the shipyard has conceived and designed both the deck and the interior, with dimensions, stowage space, ergonomics, and functionality in line with superyacht standards.

The strenghts of both versions certainly lie in the elegance of the Italian style, the quality of the colours and materials used, and a cosy, modern ambience that shines through even in the smallest details.

“The deck architecture of the 65 Long Cruise is conceived around a “step-free” concept for safe, freedom of movement under way or at anchor,” says Massimo Gino of Nauta Design. “Protection when sailing is provided by proper coamings of good height and the coach roof height is generous but balanced for a sleek look. The family design DNA is strongly recognizable in the roof geometry as it appears to be floating on the teak coamings that protect the helm cockpit.”


Below deck, the Long Cruise version slightly differs from the Performance one. The salon, which is slightly raised above the cabins, leaves more space for the engine room, and offers both a relaxation and dining area. 

The cabins are more spacious due to the absence of the technical compartment, the view extends to 270 degrees, thus exploiting the whole of the maximum beam, and the galley is placed amidships, creating a single open space with the dining area, for maximum enjoyment of convivial moments on board. 

The Performance version, with the streamlined deckhouse and sportier design, features a side-galley set back towards the stern to maximize the dining and relaxation area and to carry the weight as far back as possible, further increasing performance. 

A heir to its much-appreciated 72-foot predecessor, the new Grand Soleil 65 seeks to cater to the varied needs of owners, offering two options, for two different uses, without sacrificing the elegance, innovation and quality that distinguishes the boats in this range.

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