Grand Soleil 65 LC

Grand Soleil 65, the new sustainable marvel from Cantiere del Pardo

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She made her debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, and now we can admire her in all her glory. We are talking about the Grand Soleil 65 LC, the second model in the over 60- foot GS range from Cantiere del Pardo, which has released a new full photo shoot of this wonderful 65-foot, sustainably designed and highly energy-efficient yacht in recent days.

Available in Performance and Long Cruise versions, the Grand Soleil 65 LC is safe and easy to handle, even with a small crew. But what is most impressive are her exteriors and interiors, conceived and developed by Nauta Design, which feature true superyacht standards. 


The two versions allow owners to choose according to their own preferences and needs: Performance for those who want a truly sporty design and Long Cruise for lovers of the blue water world. In both versions the hull lines are the same, as is the construction technology employed: composite, vinylester-based polyester with extensive use of carbon reinforcements for greater sturdiness.

In full respect of Cantiere del Pardo’s spirit and design, this version of the Grand Soleil 65 represents the perfect synthesis of performance, style and innovation. The extensive building experience that Cantiere del Pardo has pleasantly accustomed us to, opting for solutions that are increasingly sustainability and energy efficiency-oriented, are in fact the distinguishing features of this new model too.


Grand Soleil 65 is the result of a 100% Made in Italy design process that brings together a team of professionals representing Italian excellence in the yachting sector: designer and ORC champion Matteo Polli took care of naval architecture, Marco Lostuzzi of structural design and Nauta Design of the general layout, from deck design to interior design. The professionalism of the team, combined with Cantiere del Pardo‘s five decades of boatbuilding experience, ensure the highest quality standards in the design and construction of the new Grand Soleil 65, which has been developed to meet the needs of owners that appreciate a made-to-measure approach.

Grand Soleil 65, like any other yacht by Cantiere del Pardo, is designed to respect the marine environment in which it sails. The materials and construction methods implied have low environmental impact and a high degree of recyclability: the teak, for example, is sourced from a sustainable supply chain, the glass is laminated for better insulation, the composite lamination uses linen and eco resins, the paints are water-based and solar panels provide renewable green energy.

Grand Soleil 65 LC : Naval Architecture

Grand Soleil 65 LC bow viewThe hull is made by infusing epoxy-based vacuum vinylester resin into biaxial fiberglass and unidirectional carbon fabrics for a light, rigid and robust structure. The longitudinal and transverse structures and the load-bearing areas of the hull are laminated in fiberglass and stiffened with unidirectional carbon reinforcements. All the construction processes and onboard systems are tested and certified according to the most stringent quality controls.

“ The hull form, for example – explains designer Matteo Polli – maintains the pronounced V in the bow and low wetted surface of the Grand Soleil 72 for less resistance, greater dynamic stability when heeling and better performance in light airs,” says Polli. “However, the overall geometry has been completely revisited to ensure a balanced weight distribution regardless of the different internal layouts. The hull is designed to perform at its best in the entire range of displacement, from lightship in racing conditions up to full load in cruising mode.”

In terms of sail plan, the mast is positioned far back to maximize the size of the fore triangle. The distribution of the sail areas allows excellent aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining a relatively low centre of effort with a consequent reduction of heel. The sail plan is designed to be reefed while maintaining the optimal balance with respect to the hull and appendages to handle any weather and sea conditions. As standard, the Grand Soleil 65 is equipped with a self-tacking jib which ensures safe and easy sailing, even with a reduced crew. In fact, the yacht can be sailed by an owner couple and does not necessarily require additional crew members.

side view

A single rudder blade and inverted T-shaped fin were selected for the underwater appendages. The single rudder offers the best compromise between maneuverability and performance in various conditions, including when motoring, while the inverted T- fin allows for minimal ballast weight combined with good stability and hydrodynamic efficiency.

Three draft options are available: starting from the standard (3.5m) to shallow (3m) and telescopic.

Deck design and interior

cabinMaking best use of all available space: this was the purpose around which Cantiere del Pardo, in collaboration with Nauta Design, conceived and designed the deck and interior layouts. As mentioned above, dimensions, ergonomics, stowage, functions and quality of accessories are in line with superyacht standards.

The Grand Soleil 65LC (Long Cruise) version offers more cruising characteristics than the Performance version, while maintaining a fast and performance-optimised hull. The overall design and the material palettes give off a cool Italian vibe with interior styling that is welcoming, contemporary and elegant.

“The deck architecture of the Grand Soleil 65LC is conceived around a “step-free” concept for safe, freedom of movement under way or at anchor – says Massimo Gino of Nauta Design. “Protection when sailing is provided by proper coamings of good height and the coach roof height is generous but balanced for a sleek look. The family design DNA is strongly recognizable in the roof geometry as it appears to be floating on the teak coamings that protect the helm cockpit.”

Grand Soleil 65 interior

Below deck, the Grand Soleil 65LC slightly differs from the Performance version. The salon is divided into a relaxation and dining area and raised above the level of the cabins to accommodate the engine room below. This solution allows to optimize the space of the two aft cabins which result larger in size due to the absence of the technical/engine room between them. Other advantages of this layout include the salon closer to the same level as the cockpit with a shorter staircase and a 270-degree panoramic view from inside, taking full advantage of the maximum beam. In addition, Grand Soleil 65LC allows for a galley located amidships in a large open space together with the living area.

The Performance version, with the streamlined deckhouse and sportier design, features a side-galley set back towards the stern to maximize the dining and relaxation area, while the engine room is more traditionally positioned behind the engines.

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