ICE 53 ST: Ice Yachts’ latest jewel is a mix of class and adrenaline

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ICE 53 ST rendering Ice Yachts and the Felci Yacht Design team join forces to produce a high-performance yacht: the ICE 53 ST. Destined for a major transalpine owner who already owns a 52RS EVO this yacht is expected to offer an additional contribution of excitement and performance.

With the ICE 53 ST, indeed, Ice Yachts has wanted to create a high-performance racer that looked great in major sailing events but also able to cruise with a good degree of comfort thanks to the dual configuration.

While, in fact, the new ICE 53 ST was designed to improve the already high performance of the ICE 52RS and make the new ICE 53 ST one of the finest and fastest boats in the 50-foot performance-cruising category, at the same time the owner did not want to give up comfort in everyday sailing.

Compared to the standard “RS” version, the ST has a weight reduction of more than two tonnes, with an approximate dry weight of 10 tonnes and a sail plan implemented both upwind and downwind.

The ICE 53 ST stern makes use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge lamination technologies: the hull is laminated with epoxy resin, by infusion of quadriaxial and unidirectional carbon fibers with local reinforcements. A 3-step epoxy infusion technique will be used to laminate the hull skin, while the core will be a closed-cell, vacuum-bonded PVC.

These choices, in addition to containing weight, give the boat a solidity and strength that can withstand the repeated stresses and heavy loads faced in even the most demanding regattas.

The keel will be a new custom design for this ICE 53 Sport Touring, with a final draft of 3.4 mt. The keel will be made of Weldox700 steel with high mechanical properties, while the bulb will be much lighter and developed than standard, CNC machined according to innovative CFD studies.

The rudder with carbon blade and shaft, will be elongated and with a reduced lateral surface, thus ensuring excellent control even when the boat is heeled or heavily loaded.

The outside spaces are designed with great attention to guarantee the upmost comfort, featuring a large cockpit and a wide sun pad on the superstructure . The deck equipment is obviously adapted to the needs of the owner, the mast will be in high-modulus carbon, prepared and studied together with Axxon’s Racing Department, also strengthened by their experience on many racers up to 90 feet. Attention to safety remains a central theme in both design and construction.

The deck will be characterized by maximum cleanliness and reduced bulk, thanks to the use of a retractable telescopic gangway and the use of a hard top made of carbon that houses the solar system.

ice yachts 53 st The interior of the boat was also designed with attention to detail, using high-quality materials and a modern, functional design.

The new open space layout will be characterized by strong symmetry and weight grouping, ideal for balancing a competitive boat. The interior layout is designed to be extremely versatile to easily switch from the cruising conformation to the sporty and essential racing conformation.

The interior finish will be a mix of white painted and fairing surfaces and light finish composite panels, without sacrificing the quality of joinery workmanship, thus offering a large open space living zone, a galley and a dining area.The cabins are designed to offer maximum privacy and comfort, with the presence of private heads and large and functional storage spaces.

We have in the pipeline a boat that is not only beautiful and very well finished – said Ice Yachts CEO Marco Malgara – light, fast, competitive and at the same time comfortable, a real bomb, the top on the market.”

In conclusion, the design of the ICE 53 ST is a work of art that combines maximum performance with top-level comfort and aesthetics, which will take the Ice Yachts experience to an even higher level: because after all, for this shipyard, nothing seems impossible.

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