Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319. The boat for everyone

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During the presentation of the new Jeanneau’s jeanneau sun odyssey-sailingmodels in Cannes, in a beautiful sunny day, we tested the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319.  The smallest member in the Sun Odyssey family, this boat is an affordable cruiser which offers surprising spaces and comfort for its size. During our sea trial the boat even exceeded our expectations in terms of sailing performance.

The boat we tested is offered at a really interesting price: for little less than € 91,000.00 this model indeed comes fitted with electronic cruising pack, performance pack (which includes performing sails, adjustable backstay and much more) and preference pack, with all it takes for passengers to enjoy top comfort on board.

The deck

As soon as we arrived at the dock, we were immediately impressed by the wide volumes of both the cockpit and the area situated just behind the helm; deep and comfortable, seats can accommodate four adults and passengers can enjoy a totally unencumbered space.

jeanneau sun odyssey cockpit
The cockpit of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319

Finally, we climbed on board.

Before leaving the port, we took a look around.  The external storage compartment situated under the right seat seemed to be deep and capacious and, in fact, we managed to put six fenders inside.

Under the left bench we found the gas bottle compartment, specially designed to accommodate that one in use and a backup one. Within the port, I decided to test the exterior folding table in the cockpit: equipped with two rails and twin releasable wings, it is perfect for a lunch for two!

In this Performance version, we saw that shroud chain plates were located on the outside of the gunwale while a convenient handrail allowed passengers and crew to reach the forward section without encountering obstacles and in total safety.

jeanneau-sun-odyssey-319-helmsmanWe were particularly impressed by the deck equipment: two winches located next to the helm served the jib sheets and the aft sails. The two winches located above the coachroof  could be used to trim the mainsail and the halyards’ sheet while the backstay was adjustable. Noteworthy is  the tack of the gennaker on the bowsprit, where the sheet can serve both as a tack trimming system and a bobstay, supported by a stopper located forward. The mast was deck stepped. All it took to the helmsman to trim fore sails was within his reach.

Sea Trial

As soon as we left the port, the conditions we found were not exactly the best. We were indeed welcomed by a very light breeze ranging from 2 to 5 knots of true wind. Fortunately, however, the sea was calm, or conditions would have been really extreme, especially for a boat which, equipped with a double-blade rudder, is intended to be a pure family cruiser.

jeanneau-odyssey-319- hullUnexpectedly, with both the mainsail and the jib up, the boat revealed the other side of its face: the hull slid gently on the water and, despite the continuous pressure drops, it never slowed down, maintaining its speed unchanged. With a 5-knot true wind and a 60-degree apparent wind, we touched a speed of 4.5 knots.

Not bad for a boat which is intended to be a pure cruiser. It’s a pity the boat had no gennaker or Code zero because this hull would have really deserved them.

At the helm, the Sun Odyssey 319 proved to be a boat easy to steer, even prone to forgive some mistakes. The only flow we noticed was the position of the rudder wheel which, too far and too small, didn’t allow us to lean against stays while steering the boat. On the contrary, we like the comfortable spacious cockpit very much.

Finally, we lowered sails to carry out a speed test under power. Fitted with a Yanmar 21 hp (15 kw) engine, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319 proved to be really fast for her size (see the table below). Noise was almost absent, both outside and below deck.


The dinette of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319

Proportionate to the size and function of the boat, interiors are well-arranged and fitted with exquisite materials and décor.

A double cabin is positioned in the bow, furnished with a large bed and an elegant large wardrobe. The dinette is wide and equipped with a table whose retractable wings free a lot of space to the the benefit of on-board circulation. The galley is on the port side while a nice table chart is on the starboard side. The second double cabin is situated opposite the astern bathroom and features regular size.


jeanneau-sun-odyssey-319 running

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319 is a well-designed boat and an ideal choice for medium-range cruising. Comfortable, safe, easy to steer and surprisingly fast, we were really impressed by her volumes and character during our test.

The price is really interesting and affordable. This boat is destined to be really successful now and in the years ahead.


Performances (under sail and under power)

Test conditions:  TWS: from 3 to 5 kn – calm sea – 4 passengers – water tank capacity: 10% – fuel tank capacity: 50%

rpm speed
700 1.6
1,000 1,8
1,500 3.3
2,000 4.2
2,500 5.3
3,000 6.1
3,500 6.8
3,900 7.5
AWA speed rpm speed
30 3.5 700 1.6
40 3.7 1,000 1.8
50 4.2 1,500 3.3
60 4.7 2,000 4.2
70 4.5 2,500 5.3
80 4 3,000 6.1
90 3.4 3,500 6.8
100 3.4 3,900 7.5
110 3.2
120 3
130 3
140 3
150 3
160 3

jeanneau-sun-odyssey-319-deck layout

Technical Specs

LOA: 9.8 m

Hull length: 9.44 m

Unladed Displacement: 5,1oo kg

Draft: 1.85 m (bayonet version is also available)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 l

Water Tank Capacity: 150 l

Engine:  Yanmar 21 hp/ 15 kw

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