Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 and Sun Odyssey 410

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 and 410 conquer Paris

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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 vs Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410: find the differences The Paris Boat Show has recently come to a close and Jeanneau was certainly one of its main protagonists, not only in terms of novelties in the powerboat sector but also, and perhaps above all, in the sailboat segment. On display were the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 and Sun Odyssey 410, two sailing yachts that have enjoyed considerable success in recent years. Both feature an attractive and very practical exterior design, conceived and created by Marc Lombard, and both have elegant and spacious interiors that bear the signature of Jean-Marc Piaton. These two yachts both aim to make sailing affordable for everyone, without losing that thrill and excitement that belong by definition to this category. Let’s see why.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380, 11 metres aiming for excellence

Let’s start with the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380. According to the yard, it is designed to be the best cruising sailboat in its category, conceived with three watchwords in mind: performance, fluidity and comfort on board. Comfort is achieved by increasing space through solutions such as the one adopted in the hull, with its characteristic pronounced edge that starts at the stern and runs towards the bow, which not only gives greater stability when underway or when the boat is tilted, but also increases space below deck. The same approach is also used on the deck, this time with sloping side decks and off-centre wheel rudders, a choice that allows for increased volume but also gives the helmsman more viewing space. The sail area has also increased compared to previous models, this time thanks to the lower boom which, among other things, also makes access to the sails much easier. Last but not least, the inverted bow, which will leave you pleasantly surprised especially when in port you need to manoeuvre in tight spaces but also when you are putting on your best performance downwind.

As for the interior of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380, in line with the elegance of the boat, it is designed with the aim of providing comfort and tranquillity, thanks to bright, airy and very refined spaces. These are increased and include a rectangular bed in the forward cabin, a sofa in the keel well to better withstand rough waters and the possibility of three spacious cabins or two with two separate shower cubicles and a locker.

The lounge is also wonderful, with an L-shaped galley and no less than two sofas, one C-shaped to port and one running along the starboard side, with the obvious aim of creating a space for gathering and sharing at mealtimes and evening relaxation.

Once again, the design work of Marc Lombard and Jean-Marc Piaton, who signed the project, makes the difference in terms of style and performance.

Sun Odyssey 410, at sea just like at home

However, the Sun Odyssey 410 could not be missing in Paris, which has been a driving force in Jeanneau’s sailing projects in recent years. It is no coincidence that the 380 itself takes several innovative ideas from this very model: a sailing yacht yes, but with an exceptional quality of life on board, just “like at home”. The idea, implemented once again by the Jeanneau designers, together with the Lombard and Pianton studios, was to provide all the excitement of sailing destined for pure cruising, but at the same time one that was practical to use even for less experienced sailors and of course, needless to say, very elegant.

So great attention was paid to efficiency and safe sailing: sloping side-decks, raised masts, a lower boom and an inverted bow were designed for this purpose, while at the same time contributing to the style of this sailboat. Its lines are marked and always very modern, the solutions applied aim to make the boat light, and the various innovations on board allow for faster and easier manoeuvres.

Coming to the general appearance of the Sun Odyssey 410, it is clear that it is designed to be shared, with spaces that can be modulated according to requirements such as the cockpit which, safe and comfortable while sailing, can easily be transformed at anchor into an outdoor living or sunbathing area. The saloon is another clear example of this: accessed via steps, trying to give continuity to the exterior and interior spaces, it is welcoming and full of light, made to be a space to be shared with the family or guests on board.

Guests who certainly don’t lack space thanks to two mirrored cabins in the stern with double beds, while the owner’s cabin is located in the bow, also with a double bed and head. The bow section also accommodates a C-shaped galley and a space with a dinette and two sofas, with areas that change according to requirements. Geometries, space, light and a decidedly more user-friendly navigation: it is no wonder that the Sun Odyssey 410 has been a success and that a few years after its launch in Paris it has captured the attention of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Sun Odyssey 380 – Technical Specs


11.22 M


10.77 M


3.73 m

Water Capacity

130 L


2 o 3


A8 / B10 / C10 / D10

Fuel Capacity

129 L


329 L

Sun Odyssey 410- Technical Specs


12.35 M 


11.99 M


3.99 M


2.14 M

Fuel Capacity

195 L

Water Capacity

528 L


2 – 3






2-cabin version : A6 / B7 / C9 / D9 / 


3-cabin version : A8 / B10 / C10 / D10

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