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Le Mans, the new Rio Yachts hard tops are gritty and glamorous

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A new line of stunning hard tops has been born to enrich the Rio Yachts range. It’s called Le Mans and consists of a series of sporty and high performance boats that retain the distinctive elements of the Daytona line, while distinguishing themselves for their type of use. The new Le Mans hard tops will debut in a few months, but it is already possible to admire them in some renderings released by the company, which already give an idea of the beauty and quality of these boats.


A new milestone for Rio Yachts

The new Le Mans hard tops represent a further evolution for Rio Yachts, which has been representing Italian excellence in yachting since 1961. The Italian shipyard has carried out a significant renewal of its range of boats in recent years, introducing increasingly sporty, practical models with an iconic and distinctive design: this commitment has led to the launch of a series of boats that have achieved considerable success, including the Daytona line, composed of the 34, 35, 45 and 50 models.

Rio-Yachts_LE-MANS-50Each boat in the new Le Mans line is topped by a stunning glass and fibreglass dome that protects the entire cockpit, making these motor yachts ideal for longer cruising distances, while offering greater protection during navigation and comfort in the cabins. In particular, the Le Mans line is designed to offer comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing cruising experiences, all in total safety.

Designed by designer Marino Alfani, the first two models will be Le Mans 45 and Le Mans 50.

Le Mans 45, grit and space

The Le Mans 45, says Rio Yachts, will be coming by early 2024. It is a 13-metre long yacht designed to offer an extraordinary marine experience: its spacious cockpit is transformable thanks to two large balconies that allow instant connection with the sea and the surrounding nature, and houses a generous sundeck, a tender garage and flexible seating that allows the layout to be customised in minutes, creating a large sofa around the fixed table.

Rio Yachts

The helm station of the Le Mans 45 is distinguished by state-of-the-art technology and modern design. At its side is an outdoor galley, ensuring total comfort thanks to the spacious, comfortable and safe passageway at the bow. From here you can quickly reach the opposing double sofa on the bow, next to the sundeck on the deckhouse.

The interior of the Le Mans 45, conceived by the renowned Sy Design studio, is bright and represents a smart, multi-use open space. The two cabins features four berths and a very well-designed bathroom. Overall, the distribution of space seems to be truly exceptional for a 13-metre boat.

Le Mans 50, glamour and freedom

The second model, the Le Mans 50, will be coming by the end of this year. This model will be distinguished by streamlined, symmetrical lines, a sleek bow and an innovative, clean design. Again, the spacious cockpit includes a generous aft sundeck and a tender garage underneath. Equally spacious is the aft platform, which offers the possibility of a tender lift. On both port and starboard sides there are two beautiful, large sea terraces that add substance to the already substantial cockpit space for a unique connection to the water.

helm station

In the central part of the Le Mans 50 we find a spacious open-air galley that divides the cockpit from the helm area. The latter, which is extremely high-tech, functional and practical, is topped by a comfortable sports dome with a generous roof. The passageway forward is wide, comfortable and safe: in just a few steps you can reach the double sofa made up of a large sundeck and a settee. Inside, there are two bright cabins and two bathrooms, with separate shower and dinette.

We can’t wait to step aboard these two boats to admire them in person: two boats that promise to become two new icons of yachting lifestyle.


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