Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé sea trial
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The new Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé is probably Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé sea trial top view the most anticipated Maxi Rib of the year.

Many owners, in fact, have booked their visit on board to discover her, in absolute preview and in total peace, at Cannes Yachting Festival.

We, instead, we were rather lucky since we had the possibility to sea trial her, in preview and exclusively, for three days during the photo shoot organized by the shipyard on the occasion of the launch of the new model. Thanks to this cruise, we therefore had the opportunity to carry out a super test that, thanks to the 200 miles travelled, allowed us to fully enjoy this amazing Maxi Rib.

Luxury, elegant, fast and extraordinarily beautiful, the new Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé is undoubtedly destined to become the icon of this market segment.

200 miles on board the Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupè

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé departure Climbing on board a Magazzù is always a particular experience. It’s a Maxi Rib of great charm and it is really difficult to stay focused on numbers and measures while, slowly sailing in the waters of the port, you feel all eyes on you.

But this characteristic, although not technical, is probably the first one you note when evaluating a yacht of this stature. Its undisputable beauty is certainly one of the reasons why many celebrities have already bought a Magazzù. Furthermore, it is no coincidence that the first MX-13 Gran Coupé, the one we are currently sailing on, is called “Vita Smeralda 2″…

I think of this while, with the bow headed for Filicudi and just outside the port, I start to push the gas.

The Magazzù MX-13 Coupé Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé navigation quickly rises from the water and, supported by the well-known stepped hull that is a distinctive feature of all Magazzù boats, gets up almost effortlessly on plane. This Maxi-Rib behaves very differently from the boats of its competitors. Weight balance and waterlines design are close to perfection, the bow therefore rises very little and the trim is always great.

The unit we are testing is powered by twin Mercury Mercruiser 8.2 V8 petrol outboards, 430HP each, which, more than half a ton lighter than their Volvo Penta diesel counterparts, significantly contribute to the overall balance of the boat.

This is an owner’s personal choice that I personally fully agree. Less weight, more balance and, of course, better performance. After all, Magazzù boats are all totally customizable as you wish, which represents another strength of this shipyard.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé under way We are sailing at around 30 knots and, in around 2 hours, we travel the 60 nautical miles that divide Filicudi from Palermo to reach the famous Canna, where we stop to take our photos. Sailing on board a Magazzù has no comparison with anything else. Time has passed in an instant and none of us is tired. The planing of the Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé is characterized by maximum comfort. We sail without shocks and without never impacting the waves. A really amazing experience.

When the sun is about to set, we leave to moor at the multi-buoy mooring berth of Filicudi. Our hotel is there and will be our base for the next two days.

The following day, we get up early in the morning and head for the lighthouse of Capofaro, Salina Island, then again for Lipari, Vulcano and Panarea, where we finally arrive at lunchtime. Covering so many miles between a photo shoot and another is not a problem with the Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé. Distances are cancelled and the fun increases significantly. Between a shot and another, we have even the time for a bath in these crystal clear waters.

After lunch, Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé speed we head for the pumice quarries, where we start to whip our boat on. The sea is not flat but this doesn’t matter. We push the throttles all forward and test both acceleration and top speed. The Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé takes off like a rocket and, in a matter of seconds, reaches 40 knots. But that’s not all, she continues to accelerate up to reach a top speed of 46 knots.

It’s a really great performance, especially if we consider that this Maxi Rib is so stable and safe that it seems to be sailing at 20 knots.

I slow down and, at 30 knots, I start to perform some turns. The MX-13 tilts but does not slow down. I tighten the turn radius but nothing… Even at 27-28 knots, the boat always draws perfect circles in the water, with a diameter of arounf 20 meters. Amazing.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé test I suddenly counter-turn and cross our wave, but not even in this way I can put this boat in difficulty. It always seems to be like on the tracks, offering a really comfortable experience both to the helmsman and the passengers, who enjoy these evolutions without being in the least frightened.

Everything on board is stable and safe.

While turning, I discover another “plus” of the MX-13 Gran Coupé. In practice, it’s like having two Maxi-Ribs. On one hand, you have a luxury yet comfortable and safe long-range cruiser; on the other hand, a super sporty spider with all-wheel drive that, as if you were on the Maloia curves, transforms the seconds into moments of pure pleasure.

So, with a long glide at dusj towards Filicudi, our second day on board the Magazzù MX-13 Grand Coupé comes to an end. Today, we have traveled 60-70 miles but, again, with the only exception of our heavy photografic equipment, we are not tired at all.

The third day passes Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé sunset quickly between one island and another, looking for spots for our photo shoot (as if it were difficult to find some here). The, at around four in the afternoon, we head for Palermo.

The return crossing is so fast and comfortable that our guests propose a final bath in the beach of Mondello. After all, on this boat, distances are relative, as well as the state of the sea.

We have traveled well over the 200 miles we had set out to cover and, you have certainly ifigured out, the Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé has literally conquered us. Hard to find better, this boat is definitively the top.

Why not buy her? Simple, don’t buy her if you don’t like being noticed because there wasn’t a single anchorage where everyone, absolutely everyone, turned to look at her.

After all, if whis Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé has been bought by the 1980’s icon of the dolce vita, actor and protagonist of “Sapore di mare”, there must be a reason…


Cantieri Magazzù’s ability to design simply wonderful exteriors is legendary. However, looking with a more careful eye, the deck plan of the Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé reveals a great ability in combining beauty and fucntionality, which is a very rare characteristic. A clear proof of this comes from the stern area where, starting from the helm station, a huge versatile enviroment takes shape, perfectly adapting to both nagivation, bathing and nights with friends.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé stern platform Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé beach area

The stern platform is a huge beach club equipped with two large sun pads (each able to comfortably accommodate two people) , which are part of it and increase its surface. In the bow, a sofa exploits the maximum beam of the boat and can accommofate up to 6 people in total comfort.

This area is Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé bow sundeck completed by a wet bar which, equipped with everything needed to set up a cocktail or dinner with friends, is positioned under the T-Top, close to the cockpit seats. This area, in addition to being covered by a large T-Top, is protected by a telescopic electrically-operated bimini top which extends to shade part of the two stern sundecks. An essential solution to face your long days at sea.

The cockpit is equipped with two enveloping seats and abundant spaces to house all the electronic equipment, on the left of the lower deck entrance. Further forward is the second sunbathing area which creates a very pretty and comfortable chaise longue that, during navigation, offers the best view of the whole boat. The perimeter of the bow sundeck, of extra large dimensions, is delimited by the presence of two side-decks which, not being interrupted, on the one hand create a second seat in the bow, on the other create a walk-around deck plan, as beautiful as comfortable and functional.

Construction and interiors

Magazzù boats are unique items built around every owner’s needs, as a result of the high customization level offered by the shipyard. Materials and finishes are of the highest level, demonstrating the exclusivity that this high-end brand represents and which, moreover, maintains a very high second-hand value over the years.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé dinette Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé dinette

The interiors of the Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé are simply perfect. Below deck, the visitor is welcomed by a large dinette, with a convertible angular sofa on the starboard side and an additional fully-equipped galley (the main one is outside) on the port side.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé cabin In the bow and on the left, a bathroom with shower is separate from the rest of the interiors, offering a very good headroom. Further forward, the master cabin is equipped with a king-size bed and, thanls to the new deckhouse design, shows an unsuspected headroom.

In short, it’s a large fully-equipped master cabin, perfect for medium/long-range cruising.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupè Performance

RPM Speed Fuel Consumption (l/h) Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
600 4.18 11.5 2.75
1,000 6 20.2 3.37
1,500 9.5 36 3.79
2,000 11 54 4.91
2,500 16 75 4.69
3,000 28 120 4.29
3,500 36 175 4.86
4,000 41 220 5.37
4,500 43.6 240 5.50
4,750 45.8 260 5.68

Technical Specs

Length 13.3
Max Beam 4.8
Cabins 1
Transmission sterndrive or outboard
Engines Max 1,200 HP
Water Capacity 360 l
Fuel Capacity 1,000 l
CE Design Category  B
Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé night lighting
Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé Night Lighting

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupé night lights

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