MAR.CO R-Evolution 26: agile, high-performance, elegant and…exciting!

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Premiered at the MAR-CO-R-EVOLUTION-26-test 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, the new jewel of the Mar.Co family, the R-Evolution 26, has been defined by the manufacturers themselves as a true landmark.

Conceived as the utmost expression of design aimed at achieving great cruising performance, with comfort on board never being forgotten, this boat gives amazing driving sensations and plenty of space for all your recreational activities.

Design is elegant and modern. This is immediately apparent from the quality of the sofa finishes, the wide rear decks and the black T-Top.

Every corner hides a surprise, a space, a chrome, a story, which for Mar.Co began in 1974. In 8 metres of length the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 has encapsulated the best of its experience in the field, enhanced in this case by the power of a Mercury 450R that made my test even more exciting: let’s see why.

Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 Sea Trial

I approach the test of the new R-evolution 26 with a certain amount of expectation since I have been waiting since 2021 to test it. So I enjoy every single step that leads me to the helm station. I immediately notice that there are no narrow passages and there is a comfortable seat waiting for me that makes me feel at ease straight away, being able to choose whether to stand or just sit. However, it is enough to turn on the Mercury 450R that I have behind me that the delightful little noise made by that R immediately makes me realize that I am going to have a lot of fun on this test.

For me, the fun is just discovering it slowly. At very low revs the boat responds perfectly to my every command, making getting out of the harbour, and then in, a piece of cake. As always, I test it by slowly revving up, also to get a feel for consumption.


At about 2,000 rpm the boat gets up on plane, the power of the engine is tangible, the wake comes off and we start to feel the performance of the fibreglass hull that makes it glide absolutely nimbly over the water.

At 3,500 rpm if I were with my family enjoying a quiet day at sea I could already find peace of mind: 23 knots, ideal for cruising and keeping consumption under control, only 43.5 litres per hour in total.

MAR-CO-R-EVOLUTION-26-aerial-view-right But I am alone and I want to push this boat to the limit and enjoy it all. So I lower the throttle again. The sea is getting rougher, the waves are over a metre and a half, but in spite of this I take them all in my stride and reach 5,500 rpm, touching my top speed, which for the day is expected to be 48.5 knots: remarkable in these conditions.

I want more. If there is one thing I like to do, it is test the acceleration. The result is surprising: in minus 2.5 seconds I am at 20 knots. Spectacular.

While I’m at it, and now that I feel at one with the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26, I attack with a series of turns and counter-turns, catching my waves and looking for those of the others: we’re at the Genoa Boat Show so it’s very simple, but despite this its clean movement in the water is surprising, and even more so the stability it shows under stress.

There is little more to add: agile, performing, elegant but above all too much fun. The hardest thing about this test was leaving it in the port.

The Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 in detail

As soon as I bow-view saw it I thought: ‘This is wonderful’.

At 8.02 metres long and 3.08 metres wide, the dominant colours of the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 are white and red, interrupted only by a carbon black stripe on the two tubulars leading to the fibreglass bowplate integrated in the mould. The Mercury 450R also fits in nicely, white and red too, a touch of sporty style.

At the centre of the helm station in this model is a beautiful T-Top, which, however, is not standard, but this one does have it and I fully understand the choice: built in fibreglass it is reminiscent of the one on the R-Evolution 35, with two carefully designed storage compartments and a modern-style helm station that matches the T-shaped seat and the very elegant white footrest: everything is absolutely sporty.

The construction quality of this boat designed by Federico Gerna is first-class, and it can be seen in every detail: from the handrails, to the wide rear decks with their modern touch, to the retractable ladder with handles for easier ascent. Everything is studied down to the smallest detail.

Even the spaces impress me. As many as 14 people can stay here because everything is designed to be practical and efficient. On the transom there is room for an outboard up to 450 hp, like the one we use today. The stern platforms are wide, and under the one on the right there’s a locker ideal for putting fins and mask in.

stern There are also six spacious compartments between the stern and bow, a sanitary unit with a dedicated tank under the front seat of the helm console, a chopping board, a refrigerator and a table in the middle of the stern that instantly disappears, leaving room for a spacious sundeck with the same splendid high-quality finish as the rest of the sofas. Whether stern or bow, relaxation is guaranteed.

The style of the Mar.Co production can be seen throughout the boat: it is elegant, carefully crafted, its lines and design stand out, that’s for sure.

But it is when you enjoy its sporty performance, aggressive just enough, that the adrenalin level in your bloodstream rises: and for me, in the end, that is what counts.

Test Data


Technical Specs


Federico Gerna








8,020 cm


3,080 cm




450 HP


330 l


100 l

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