MCY 70 Sea trial
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When you like a boat very much, it’s really hard to hide that.

And it’s even more so when this boat is completely different from all the others, which is a very important quality for a market where yachts often risk being very similar to each other.

The new Monte MCY 70 testCarlo Yachts MCY 70 has, instead, a unique and unmistakable personality which gives her a very particular charm that is much closer to that of a superyacht than to a conventional flybridge’s one.

Made with cutting-edge building technologies and characterized by a high-level interior design, the MCY 70 immediately won us over to such an extent that we decided to dedicate a complete sea trial to her.

The following is the report of an unforgettable day spent on board a yacht that certainly knows how to win people’s love.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 Sea Trial

Leaving the berth of the Monfalcone-based shipyard and sailing between the mooring posts leading to the open sea is a sensory experience in itself. The bow of the MCY 70 gently cuts through the still water that reflects the morning colours.

We’re sailing at around 6 knots in the absolute silence. The noise of the two Man V8 idling is slightly audible.

MCY 70 linesWe’re on the main deck where, thanks to the masterful work carried out by the Nuvolari Lenard studio, the boundaries between interiors and exteriors tend to disappear while the landscape becomes an integral part of the design.

Accelerating slightly, the MCY 70 reaches around 10-11 knots and, in doing so, she shows an innate capacity of sailing in a constant  displacement mode. We just feel like we are on a superyacht.

At this speed, the flow meter marks 44 l/h. For a flybridge with a length of 21 meters and a weight of 40 tons, sailing at 10 knots with a fuel consumption of just 4.4 l/nm is an irrefutable sign of a definitively successful hull.

I push the electronic throttles forward and see the speed increase. Yes, I see it because, again, the MCY 70 amazes and planes at 33 11.3 knots with no substantial change of trim and in the utmost comfort. Only big superyarchts perform this way.

The speed increases MCY 70 navigationbut the feeling of being on board a big boat does not decrease and, at 18 knots, we travel in first class. Even when crossing the wake of our support boat, solicitations are minimal.

I push the throttles all down and our MCY 70, powered by twin Man V8 2,400HP engines, accelerates promptly and reaches a top speed of 28.7 knots at 2,370 rpm.

I don’t slow down and perform some increasingly tighter turns. The MCY 70 faces them all in the same way: she does not decelerate and does not lose a knot, even in the tightest turns.

The yacht is perfectly stable. It’s really impressive, we feel like we’re on board a 30-meter yacht.

Reluctantly, I leave my colleagues take the helm and go down below deck with Dan Lenard. While the MCY 70 sails at the cruising speed, we chat quietly without having to speak loudly. Dan shows me the parameters of this project that – it’s abundantly clear to me – was conceived to offer a very high comfort level, consistent with the luxury and the elegance of this yacht.

I go back up, walk the main deck and go outdoors. We’re sailing fast and, in such conditions, I walk the side-decks and get the bow.

MCY 70 at seaThe stability of this yacht matches the almost perfect on-board circulation. The side walkways are protected and safe; they converge towards the bow following the profile of the windshield and lead to the amazing Portuguese deck that characterizes all the Monte Carlo Yachts’ creations.

The feeling of safety created by this configuration, even when sailing at 25 knots like now, is total and allows to use the whole boat at any time, without any problem.

I get the Flybridge and take the helm again. The visibility is excellent, both forward and laterally. From here, you can sail and fully enjoy the sensations that this Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 gives.

Seen from above, the yacht offers a simply wonderful overall view. The bow cuts through the waves while the image of the Portuguese deck merges with that of the fast-flowing sea below. The result is a dream scenario that successfully summarizes the reasons that induce to buy such a high-profiled yacht.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 Performance

RPM Speed in Kn l/h L/Nm
600 6.5 10 1.54
800 8.2 22 2.68
1,000 10.1 44 4.36
1,200 11.8 80 6.78 Minimum planing speed
1,400 12.7 135 10.63
1,600 15.5 200 12.90
1,800 18.4 270 14.67
2,000 23.7 360 15.19
2,200 26.2 422 16.11
2,380 28.7 480 16.72
Test conditions: slightly rough sea – 18-knot wind – 14 passengers on board – 2 tons of fuel

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70 Interiors

As soon as we enter the main deck, the overall view leaves us speechless. What we see is a huge living room which, suspended over the sea, enjoys an almost uninterrupted horizon. This phenomenon is made possible by the headroom limit that the Nuvolari Lenard has chosen for both the bridge and all the furnishings, which translates into an unparalleled result.

MCY 70 salonMCY 70 interiors

Two vertical elements, wisely positioned, produce a virtuous visual effect that reveals, only by walking towards the bow, the presence of a L-shaped galley of great beauty and of the bridge on the starboard side.

This space develops without almost noticing it, as if this corner had just materialized before our eyes by magic, the magic of an enlightened designer.

MCY 70 master cabinThe lower deck is accessible from two entrances: one is reserved for the master suite and the other for the three cabins. Of course, I can’t resist and run to the master cabin.

I like very much the idea of having a night area completely reserved for the master in the stern. In short, it’s a large suite with a direct access to the indoor salon, the cockpit lounge and, therefore, to the beach area.

The result is a carefully designed circulation that contains, in just a few meters, 70% of the life on board while providing the owner with precious privacy.

The master cabin is huge and uses all the 5.5 meters of beam available to offer a luxury refined environment whose boundaries are virtually extended by two large windows which, in the shape of adjacent portholes, have become the distinctive motif of the Monte Carlo yachts.

The big bed MCY 70 master cabin 2is nestled in the middle of the cabin and surrounded by a linear sofa on the left and a long desk on the right.

At the foot of the bed, we find a large walk-in closet on the left and the en-suite bathroom on the right. The latter, featuring unthinkable dimensions, houses a beautiful shower box.

Between the two entrances, just to give an idea of the overall dimensions of the cabin, there is a 50-inch TV that can hardly be noticed in the overall view of this Master Cabin.

The second entrance staircase leads to the guest area.

Equipped with a large en-suite bathroom, the VIP cabin uses the two long forward windows to feed on natural light and illuminate the “tone-on-tone” play which makes this environment very elegant.

MCY 70 VIP cabinMCY 70 twin-bedded cabin

The two double cabins are spacious, well-finished and located on both sides of the entrance staircase. Fitted with twin beds, they have a central walkway and dedicated wardrobes.

MCY 70 Exteriors

MCY 70 bow loungeThe bow is accessible from the side-decks that, as usual for Monte Carlo Yachts, converge on the windshield perimeter and raise, making us discover what, more than a Portuguese deck, is a true terrace on the sea.

Here, the visual effect that the Nuvolari Lenard studio gives us is very similar to that offered by the flush pools of the world’s most beautiful sky-lounges.

Suspended and apparently without barriers, this terrace reverses the paradigm and delights the eyes of the guests with a boundless view of the sea while they are immersed in the luxurious white-and-teak contrasts in a unique sensory experience.

The flybridgeMCY 70 carbon t-top is designed to be a substantially separate space.

Protected by an elegant carbon T-Top, it gives the yacht an additional and huge outdoor salon with a 360-degree view that, when necessary, can be even amplified by opening the electric sliding roof.

In addition to housing an additional helm station, this deck also offers a luxury “upper lounge” that, enhanced by the lighting technology of the MCY 70, will certainly be one of the most desirable areas of the summer.


MCY 70 sternThe owner of the MCY 70 is an experienced boat owner who knows what he wants.

He chooses Monte Carlo Yachts probably after having had other boats, looking for a definitive and flawless yacht that can excel in terms of performance and elegance.

Refined and demanding, he finds in the MCY 70 all the answers that the new Vision series manages to condense in this extraordinary boat which, build with the same standards as superyachts, undoubtedly reflects all the qualities.

MCY 70 Technical Specs

LOA 21.08 m
Maxi beam 5.45 m
Displacement 41 tons
Engines 2 x Man V8 1200 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity  4,000 l
Water Tank Capacity 800 l
Design Category CE-A


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