MCY Skylounge Collection

MCY Skylounge Collection : the new “visions” of Monte Carlo Yachts

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If, for Monte Carlo Yachts, 2019 has been the years of the Vision series, 2020 is about to begin with a great novelty, that is the launch of a new range of boats: the MCY Skylounge Collection.

It’s a collection of yachts which, developed in continuity with the design innovations of the Vision series, tackles the theme of the “enclosed flybridge” by maximizing the benefits of this solution. The possibility of widening the borders of the main deck, moving the steering console to the Skylounge, indeed, results into definitively interesting interior volumes.

Moreover, this configuration allows to extend the period of use of this yacht which, thanks to this solution, can therefore be used throughout the year while offering an amazing 360-degree view on the upper deck.

Four models Monte Carlo Yachts Skylounge Collection are scheduled to be launched in 2020, The MCY Slylounge Collection, in fact, will include the MCY 66 Skylounge, the MCY 70 Skylounge, the MCY 76 Skylounge and, with great surprise, even the MCY 80 Skylounge .

It is therefore clear that even the MCY 80 has been “infected” with the success of the Vision series from which, for the time being, we do not know what she has inherited.

Very few details are available for the moment.

We have to wait till the Miami Yacht Show to admire the first model of the collection, the MCY 70 Skylounge, during her long-awaited world premiere. More details, however, will be provided during the next Boot Dusseldorf where we hope to receive the official photos and drawings.

Analyzing the material we have received and which we fully publish herewith, we can receive some interesting information.

Monte Carlo Yachts Skylounge Collection, layoutThe drawings of the new MCY 70 Skylounge show a main deck which, thanks to the new position of the steering console, will house a galley positioned just opposite a large dining table as well as a full-beam living area with incredible volumes.

Moreover, the renderings clearly show an interior staircase which, if on the one hand it allows to climb to the skylounge sheltered from the weather, on the other (without the classic lateral staircases) would free up further and valuable space for the external dinette. Furthermore, the presence of a day toilet on the main deck would result into greater privacy in the night area.

The first Italian shipyard to develop the theme of the “enclosed flybridge”, Monte Carlo Yachts has made a cyclopean effort, made possible only thanks to the advanced building method of the shipyard and the collaboration with the Nuvolari Lenard design studio which, with the MCY Skylounge Collection, raises the bar of innovation in both design and interior architecture.


Monte Carlo Yachts Spa
Via Consiglio d’Europa 90
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