Jeanneau Merry Fischer 1095

Jeanneau launches the Merry Fisher 1095: the forward-thinking boat

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Her world debut is scheduled to take place at the new Paris Boat Show. We’re talking about the new Merry Fisher 1905, the latest creation and the new flagship of the Jeanneau‘s range, designed to respond to a specific growing demand of the French market: the need for a boat which could combine the sporty soul of an outboard powerboat with the size and comfort standards of a small yacht.

MF1095-3D.jpg-800 (1)The Merry Fisher 1095 is a real innovation for the French shipyard that, for the first time, has decided to fit a hull of this size with an outboard propulsion system.

A new combination that, according to the manufacturer, would guarantee greater user-friendliness and extraordinary performance.

However, at least in terms of size, the Merry Fisher 1095 doesn’t offer any innovative living solutions. Of course, the lateral sliding door or the presence of a third cabin on a hull with 9.9 meters of L.W. are not commonly found on boats of this size but Jeanneau designers – who, in this case, worked together with Centowski & Denert Designs’ experts – have already accustomed us to solutions that provide small boats with the same amenities commonly found on larger yachts.MF1095_side_white2.jpg-800

Things change if we look at the 1095 from a different point of view. Custom designed for short-range daily outings, this boat features an interesting deck layout and innovative interiors, whose spaces are all cleverly arranged.

First of all, the cockpit, accessible from the two bathing platforms located on each side of the engines, is furnished with a L-shaped sofa and a comfortable table, perfect for al fresco dining. A sliding door leads to the dinette. This environment, too, replicates the typical space arrangement found on larger boats. However, the result is not a simple, questionable miniature of a larger environment but a well-balanced space, where structural and perceptual aspects are connected through a flood of natural light entering from the windows, great external visibility and fair-sized furnishings, especially in the galley and in the salon, which enable passengers to move freely within an uncluttered space.

MF1095-Plans.jpg-800Boasting a classic layout, the helm station is equipped with a convertible co-pilot’s seat which can provide the main salon with additional seating.

As mentioned above, the helm station benefits from a side door that gives instant access to the starboard side-deck which, in its turn, leads to the foretriangle. There, designers have created a comfortable two-seat sun pad.  A side-deck of the same length is well-protected by a stainless steel handrail and runs through the left gunwale.

On the left side of the helm station, a hatch leads to the sleeping area. The interior can include two cabins and one bathroom – this is probably the best layout possible – or even a third cabin. Located at the bow, the master cabin benefits from some huge side windows that let natural light flood the interior. The bathroom, equipped with a separate shower box, is accessible from the cabin itself.MF1095-Plans.jpg-800 (1)

Amidships, the sleeping area is completed by a guest cabin and an additional space which can be used as a third cabin or a practical storage compartment.

Power comes from two 300hp outboards.

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