MSC Opera rams the River Countless : terror in Venice

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Venice, June 2 nd 2019: the cruise Ship MSC Opera sows the terror to the Giudecca maritime station.

It was morning when the MSC Opera was reaching the maritime station in Venice. Hauled by a tow she was approaching the bench sailing in the channel of the Giudeccas when, according to the version of the Fire Department, the ship would have bumped the tourist barge “River Countless” and she would have gone to beat against the St. Basilio quay.

The causes of the accident could be brought back to a breakup of the cable of towing and to a contemporary damage of the systems of control of the ship.

The budget would be of four wounded but, observing the video, we could affirm that a tragedy has been risked, the bench was really crowded.

It instinctively comes to wonder if  make sense to berth these mega cruise ships in full center, instead that in the proper port structures.

Here is another video that takes back from a different angling the whole dramatic sequence.

The MSC Opera is not new to the accidents, May 14 th 2011 the cruise ship has suffered a breakdown to the motor in the beautiful mean of the Baltic Sea.  The ship went out of electric current after a damage to the motor.

1.700 passengers have been repatriated during the day of May 16 since the ship could not continue.A voucher was offered to the passengers to refund the cost of the cruise.

MSC Crociere

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa. Our ships sail year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and our seasonal itineraries include Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, southern Africa, China, the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India.

The company, which grew by 800% since 2004, carried 2 million guests in 2017 and reported strong financial results with a turnover of €2.2 billion.

MSC Cruises is a Swiss-based European company with deep Mediterranean roots employing over 47,000 staff globally and selling cruise holidays in 70 countries around the world.

MSC Opera

MSC Opera is a cruise ship of the company MSC Crociere, of which she has been the flagship up to the entrance in service of the MSC Musica in the 2006.

She can carry up to 2.679 passengers in 1.071 cabins and a crew of around 728 people.

Length: 275 ms

I bring of recording: Panama

Gross tonnage:65.000 tsls

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