Mylius 80
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Mylius 80 Cup
Photo by Carlo Borlenghi – © Courtesy Mylius Yachts

At last, they have succeeded: the Gandini family has its own Mylius.

The news might sound paradoxical if we consider that the Gandini family is nothing more than the Mylius shipyard, famous for its prestigious fast sailing cruisers.

Entirely made of carbon, proudly made in Podenzano, Piancenza, and proudly sold in Italy despite the current market situation.

They had tried that other times but, every time they designed a new boat for themselves, they found someone interested into purchasing it.

80 feet for private cruises and races

Mylius 80 Cup 2018
Photo by Carlo Borlenghi – © Courtesy Mylius Yachts

But this time they have decided: this is their own boat. So, this time, they have gone overboard: 80 feet, to be exact. After the great success achieved in Cannes, the new creation will be the biggest boat scheduled to be exhibited at the Genoa International Boat Show.

The boat stands out only for the deck area and the deck house lines, characterized by the taste for design that is typical of Mylius’ family feeling, but also for the light fast line that fully expresses the passion for races of Luciano Gandini and his family.

The first Mylius 80 Flush Deck built in Podenzano features a high-module mast, a square top mainsail, carbon shrouds and double back stay that perfectly summarizes the ancient efficiency of running back stays with the “easy sailing” philosophy of the shipyard.

Technology and simplicity

Technology, simplicity and beauty are everywhere: from the dinette table, made of carbon in order to reduce weight, to the horseshoe-shaped kitchen positioned in the stern area, very minimal yet fitted with all the comforts.

On the port side of the stern area, more space has been dedicated to the crew’s cabin and bathroom: maybe a dearly loved crew, given that the cabin is no less appreciable than the guest ones.

Cabinets and lockers are all made of teak, whose contrast with the white colour of interiors and many carbon details creates a very elegant effect as well as a sense of space and brightness.

The bulkheads that divide the two guest cabins are structural and therefore carbon-molded together with the hull. White and fitted with bathroom and sliding doors, they are separated from one other by a large convenient corridor that, with the mast food looking like a sculpture, leads to the bow through the master cabin.

A sailor-owner for the Mylius 80

Mylius 80, master cabin
Photo by Carlo Borlenghi – © Courtesy Mylius Yachts

The master cabin, too, is divided by a large space situated between the two symmetric queen-size beds and closed in the stern area by a colour therapy shower. In addition to the shower, accessible from outside, there is also a sail store.

This wide passage between the two beds is due to the fact that the cabin is used during races to drop forward sails down: the Mylius 80 has two sets of sails: one for fast cruising ( or recreational racing) and another for more competitive racing, fitted with A0 gennaker, asymmetric spi and symmetric spinnaker with pole.

On such a elegant refined boat, one might be astonished by such an extensive use of private spaces, usually inaccessible to guests and crew members.

But it is sufficient to see Valentina Gandini’s eyes that light up when she instinctively mimes the lowering gesture to fully understand what passion is.

Mylius 80, wheel and deck area
Photo by Carlo Borlenghi – © Courtesy Mylius Yachts

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