Naumatec Freccia 1200
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Walking around the world’s most luxurious Freccia 1200 Naumatecboat show, it can happen to have some unexpected encounters.

So, while we are going down the pier reserved for “Tender and Toys” near the Quai Antoine, we spot a wonderful Naumatec Freccia 1200 that stands there, before our very eyes, guarded by Franco Aiello, an extraordinary pilot we know very well.

We seize the opportunity to ask Franco if he can take us on a tour on board this super RIB. Of course, he gladly accepts. So, we climb on board, let go the moorings and go out of the berth.

For those of you who don’t know her, the Freccia 1200 is a high-performing RIB equipped with two Cummins 480hp engines and twin thrusters that deliver a top speed of almost 70 knots. Designed by Federico Fiorentino, this open boat features an aggressive sporty look elegantly softened by modern luxurious lines.

Equipped with fore and stern sun pads, the Naumatec Freccia 1200 certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Deck design is unique, with an innovative central passageway never seen before on other boats. Two enveloping seats are positioned on the sides of the RIB, each with its own function.

Exclusively dedicated to the pilot, the seat located on the starboard side correctly shows all controls and displays necessary to steer the Freccia 1200 at very high speed. On the left, there’s the co-pilot station, where all controls and instruments available in the steering console, are similarly replicated.

Naumatec Freccia 1200A large T-Top leans on the RIB through four sturdy efficient supports that can be used as manropes when sailing. The RIB is indeed equipped with many manropes that, positioned on the right place, provide this high-performing boat with great safety standards.

Going out of the berth on board the Freccia means to attract everybody’s attention. Engine sound is unique and attracts the attention of people who, after turning, stand and watch the lines of this amazing RIB while it sails in the middle of superyachts.

Once out of the port, we ask Franco to let us test the acceleration which the boat is capable of. With just a little pressure on the throttles, the Freccia bolts away like a missile, the bow doesn’t move and remains low while bow thrusters transform power into speed.

After a couple of turns, we finally slow down. After all, we’re here to visit the boat show and a complete sea trial would require much more time and, above all, much less traffic all around. So, we enjoy a quick tour around the Falcone Maltese and come back to the port where the other boats on display are waiting for us. Franco speeds up a little more and, in the blink of an eye, we sail at more than 40 knots.

We enter the port and get into the Monaco Yacht Show. Even though engine sound is now overwhelmed by the surrounding traffic, the Freccia 1200 attracts visitors’ attention again.

Then, unfortunately, it’s time for us to come back to the mooring. The “spotlight turns off” and we get off the Freccia.

Few minutes have been enough to let us understand why people buy this boat. Reasons can be summarized in three simple words: beauty, style, speed.

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