Neo 515

Neo 515 Fiveonefive, the new super-versatile full carbon yacht from Ceccarelli Yacht Design

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A hull that shows its muscles with elegance, with incredible versatility depending on the owner’s choices and numerous options, and above all with a series of design innovations that stand out for their intelligence and engineering artistry. Neo 515 Fiveonefive is the new sailboat designed by Ceccarelli Yacht Design, a full-carbon yacht already under construction that expands the NEO YACHTS yard’s range by flanking the previous 350 and 430 Roma models and the new 570, which is also close to launching.

Neo 515 Fiveonefive remains faithful to the original Neo Yachts concept thanks to its full carbon fibre epoxy construction, high righting moment, high keel weight, generous sail plan and very light displacement. But above all, thanks to the wide range of customization options available, Neo 515 Fiveonefive can become a very fast cruiser that offers high performance at sea, even when upwind and in white-sail mode; a cruiser-racer that is very easy to convert from one mode to the other simply by adding a few sails and changing the cushions for cheaper ones; or even a full racer without losing the space and tools necessary for a crew to live on board while maintaining comfort for basic needs (eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom), but at the same time optimizing performance.


With its large 5-metre transom, the Neo 515 Fiveonefive offers a good-sized garage tender in both the double- and single-rudder versions. The garage is enclosed by a wide platform that allows easy dives into the sea, while the keel, available in three options (fixed 3.5 or 3.6 metres, hydraulic lifting 3.6 to 2.1 metres, electric telescopic 3.5 to 2.1 metres) is made up of a weldox structure (a special grade of stainless steel that allows for large elastic deformations), carbon fibre shells to give a perfect hydrodynamic profile and a bulb of no less than 4000 kg that brings the keel to 50% of the yacht’s total displacement. These factors, combined with the significant draft, are the secret of the Neo 515 Fiveonefive’s great acceleration and speed capacity, as well as its extremely low heel.

But the design innovations of this wonderful sailboat do not end there. Noteworthy are the inverted bow that allows for a longer waterline and less weight at the front; the important bow chamfer that saves 200 kg of weight in the front structure of the boat and ensures better wind flow when sailing upwind by gently sliding it into the sides of the aft deck; the integrated deck cabin that disappears into the bowsprit and offers a high interior headroom; and the low, smooth freeboard and long waterline, which generate a lower centre of gravity, a lower pitching for better comfort on the waves.


On the Neo 515 Fiveonefive, explains CEO Paolo Semeraro, “every single line, every single curve exists for a precise technical requirement, in order to create minimal impact and the greatest possible efficiency using only two elements: wind and water. In nature, everything that is efficient is also simple and extraordinarily beautiful. This is why the Neo 515 Fiveonefive captivates at first glance”.

“Ever since I designed my first sailboat in 2014,” Mr. Semeraro continues, “it has been very difficult to look at other hulls without thinking about what they really are, which are boats that are too classic, too heavy and too boring to handle. Sometimes it happens that you see boats that look like the Neo, but when you examine them in detail, you discover that they only have a couple of peculiarities similar to those of our range. Nowadays I only enjoy sailing if I’m on board a Neo Yachts: the stability, acceleration and speed remind me of the good times in the Olympics… and I’m happy”.

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