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Nimbus Group acquires EdgeWater PowerBoats: America is now closer

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Nimbus Group EdgeWater PowerBoats acquisitionThe announcement is official. Nimbus Group has completed acquisition of the renowned US boat builder EdgeWater PowerBoats, LLC.

As previously communicated by the Company in a press release on March 8of this year, the cash purchase consideration totaled MUSD 9.5 on a cash and debt-free basis (corresponding to approximately MSEK 103). Synergy effects are expected to arise through a stronger market position and access to production capacity in the US as well as more efficient logistics, which is also positive from a sustainability perspective. The acquisition also includes an industrial property.

With the transaction completed, EdgeWater will form part of Nimbus Group’s US organization and be consolidated into Nimbus Group’s accounts as of the date of transfer of the shares.

The North Nimbus Group EdgeWater PowerBoats agreementAmerican motorboat market is the single largest in the world and in terms of volume, it accounts for half of all motorboats sold annually. In recent years, Nimbus Group has made major investments in North America to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market there.

The acquisition of EdgeWater is a crucial part of the implementation of Nimbus Group’s defined growth strategy, in which an expansion in the key North American market plays a central role. Owing to our highly goal-oriented strategy in North America, we have successfully increased our sales there in a robust manner over the last year. For the first quarter of the year, we could report that the order book for North America increased 60 percent year-on-year, reaching a new record-high level,” says Jan-Erik Lindström, CEO of Nimbus Group.

nimbusEdgeWater was established in 1992 to design and manufacture robust, safe and high-quality boats under the EdgeWater premium brand. The company sells boats to the North American market, and in 2022 sold over 300 boats in sizes up to 37 feet.

EdgeWater boats are primarily salt-water vessels of the center console type used for leisure, fishing and transport. All boats are equipped with outboard motors. With around 165 employees and an experienced management team, EdgeWater had approximately MUSD 47.7 in sales in 2022, an adjusted EBIT of approximately MUSD 3.0, and an adjusted EBIT margin of approximately 6.3%.

With this acquisition, Nimbus Group is positioning itself even more solidly in the powerboat sector, expanding its presence in the North American market and making the most of the opportunities offered by this key market segment.

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