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On Test. Nimbus W11: the perfect weekender to fully enjoy the sea

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Just one last piece was missing to complete the puzzle of the successful Weekender, Tender and Commuter series of the famous Scandinavian shipyard, and it’s finally here: the Nimbus W11 was premiered at the last Cannes Yachting Festival.

A natural evolution of the smaller W9, the new 12-meter weekend-cruiser is designed to expand the possibilities of comfortably, and enjoyably, experiencing a weekend aboard, without having to renounce functionality or the great quality that has been the hallmark of the Swedish shipyard since 1968.

Larger spaces, various sunbathing areas, outdoor galley, accommodations provided for water toys, maximum freedom of movement on deck, and more… everything on Nimbus W11 is designed to offer the greatest comfort on board, adapting according to the needs of the individual owner.

With this type of boat you can not only spend an unforgettable weekend with your friends and family in full comfort, but you are also able to “extend” your trip by even a few days, without feeling any lack, and most importantly, maintaining that adrenaline rush of sporty performance that usually characterizes other types of boats. 


The Nimbus W11 in detail

Generous exteriors

A weekender with great potential: Nimbus W11 is capable of “pampering” any type of owner thanks to its great versatility. The customization possibilities are really broad, but let’s take a closer look at this model….

First of all, the extraordinary new hydraulically operated stern platform, which “embraces” the two Mercury outboards was really a special insight of the Scandinavian shipyard.

The U-shaped swim platform connects with the boat’s transom, allowing thanks to the 3 variable positions, to get on and off the boat with ease from the edge of the docks (when in the elevated position), to take advantage of additional space in the horizontal position, or again, to comfortably access the water when underwater.

This is a truly ingenious idea by Nimbus, which in this way, with only one element, manages to help the owner in the different situations that may arise while living on board. Just past the engines, on the port side we find the sun sofa with fold-down backrest, which can extend to become a real sunbed, or, can “lend” the backrest to the dinette in the cockpit.

From the starboard side-deck we access the entire cockpit area, which opens to port with a large extendable table (with built-in cup holders) and a huge L-shaped sofa facing forward, which is capable of accommodating up to 8 guests.

On the starboard side in the cockpit we find a galley with sink, hotplate, and 2 refrigerators, where an ice machine can possibly be placed. Many drawers and cabinets characterize the galley unit and allow all accessories and food to be stowed safely.

In front of the galley, again on the starboard side, we find the helm station with a comfortable folding seat and arm rest; on the port side there is a small L-shaped settee, just in front of the companionway, which allows a couple of people to sit next to the captain for company even while cruising.

The entire cockpit area is covered by a T-Top with very strong exposed steels and large panoramic windows, on which solar panels can be mounted. It is possible to open the roof electrically to let air and light pass through, or, thanks to the included tarpaulins, in a few simple moves you can completely close the windshield creating one large covered space, very useful in bad weather or cold temperatures.

In the cockpit, between the T-top and the starboard broadside, we find the famous Nimbussidewalk,” already extensively tested and appreciated in other models, which allows a very comfortable and wide passage between bow and stern. On the port side, on the other hand, the side deck is narrower, but both converge at the bow where a huge sunbathing area with adjustable backrest takes its place.

Overall, the quality of the materials on board is very high, the steels are strong, the freeboard of the bulwarks is high, handrails are everywhere, and only a small step is encountered in the passage between bow and stern, thus making movement on board very safe, both while cruising and mooring.

Nimbus W11: interior design

A sliding door to the left of the helm station gives us access to the interior: three design steps lead us down below the deck. On the port side broadside we find a closet unit and a sturdy shelf; to the right, however, is the door to the guest cabin, consisting of a double bed and a small armchair.

Continuing forward, to the left is another cabinet that can be used for stowing items, and taking up the entire bow triangle is the owner’s large double bed. Large windows give a sense of spaciousness and airiness to the interior, and the headroom is truly remarkable. A porthole in the roof allows the cabin to open outward, and a large mirror finally closes off the bow, again increasing the perception of space. To the right of the bed, right next to the guest cabin, is the bathroom, equipped with a sink, toilet and separate shower.

Finishes are extremely fine, the choice of essences for the interior was impeccable, and the color palette, consisting of neutral, elegant, refined tones, gives a sense of luxury to the W11, while expanding the spaces even more.

Sea Trial

We climb aboard Nimbus W11 very early in the morning, the sun has just risen above the horizon, and we calmly leave the port of Cannes. At this hour the sea is tinged with the wonderful colors of dawn, which are reflected on the surface of the water in shades between red and bright orange.

The sea is calm, there is not a wisp of wind, and the day looks ideal for any kind of test. Just outside the harbor we devote a few moments to photographing the peculiar hydraulic stern platform between two magnificent Îles de Lérins islands, where the water is simply stunning.

It is from here that our test begins: we take off and I position myself at the helm of the W11, the pilot’s seat is comfortable and high, I can perfectly see ahead. Thanks to the large side windows, visibility is complete and there is no blind spot, I can also move freely on board without hindrance and with great safety…this is very important, especially when mooring.

sea trial

The dashboard of the W11 we tested was equipped with two 12-inch plotters, Mercury joysticks and throttles with Skyhook, and Quick controls to operate the Quick gyro stabilizer. I start to accelerate slowly, because I want to see how snappy the W11 is with its 2 400hp Mercury Verado V10 outboards, and the response is impressive, as soon as I touch down on the throttle we are already at 12 knots, almost on glide. I accelerate harder, and after a short while I’ve already reached 23 knots, however, I feel like I’m floating.

Nimbus-W11-testThe twin-stepped hull, which has also been hugely successful and appreciated in the T11 and C11 models, makes the impact with the sea surface really smooth, almost no resistance is felt. What I noticed right away is that this hull gives safety, stability and extreme precision, thanks also to the very sharp shape of the bow V.

At 32 knots I slow down a bit and perform some turns and counter-turns, more or less tight, but the feedback is the same: the boat tilts decisively and it seems to be riding on rails, at the same time, however, I feel the excitement of being light on the surface of the sea, I almost struggle to feel the impact of the hull with the water.

After a while, we decide to return and I finish the navigation to the harbor, passing between the boats anchored in front of the Vieux Port of Cannes without any uncertainty: the W11’s movements are precise and I am able to control well even the distance to the other boats, not even the passing waves of the other boats bother us.

If being on board the W11 is very pleasant, safe and comfortable, cruising with this boat is a real privilege: the adrenaline thrills of the 40-plus knots are not lacking, but what really amazed me the precision and maneuverability of this boat. Though apparently “heavy”, on the contrary, the sensation I had was that of navigating above a cloud...really super and unexpected!


Nimbus W11 – Test Data


Speed in kn

Consumption in l/h

650 Min




































6436 Max



Technical Specs


12.40 m / 40’7′

Max Beam

3.46 m /11’4′


0.9m / 3′


3.75 m / 12′ 3″

Fuel Tank Capacity

850 l / 224.5 US gal

Water Tank Capacity

135 l / 36 US gal

Black Water Tank Capacity

80 l / 21 US gal

Design Category

B10, C12


4 (2+2)


2 x 400 Mercury Verado V10

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