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Nimbus C11, a revolutionary commuter

It is impossible not to associate Nimbus C11the Nimbus brand with the concept of quality and the famous seaworthy qualities of the boats that this Swedish boatyard has been manufacturing since 1968.
The current fleet includes twelve models, flybridge coupes and walkarounds, ranging from eight to thirteen metres in length.
As you’ve no doubt already guessed from the title, we were impressed by their latest big novelty, the Nimbus C11, a truly revolutionary commuter.
But what is a commuter really? What makes it so special that it deserves such an interesting name?
Nimbus-C11-1A commuter is a boat designed for all sea lovers, those who like to enjoy their boat for a long time, both in summer and winter. The owner of a commuter is a “serial weekender”, who takes full advantage of his investment even when the ports are empty, thanks to a yacht that can comfortably accommodate a family of four in all weather conditions.
The commuter also has the great advantage of being designed to be versatile, so it lends itself perfectly to summer sunbathing, as well as to fishing trips or medium or long-range cruises which, thanks to its hull qualities, are within reach both in terms of fuel economy, cruising speed and adrenaline because, as you will see, on board the Nimbus C11 you will also have a lot of fun.

Nimbus C11 Performance

The model we’re testing is stern viewfitted with twin Volvo D4 DPI 320s, perhaps the best engine option for this boat, which is however also offered with a more powerful D6 440HP engine. This is an option that I personally don’t consider indispensable, given that, as you’ll read, the boat already gets close to 40 knots and consumes very little fuel.
The joystick is very easy to use and even in a crosswind like today, there’s no risk at all. We quickly leave the harbour and start sailing slowly.
The hull is double-stepped and, even going slowly, it shows its qualities. At 7 knots, the boat glides through the water, with no apparent resistance, at just 1,000 rpm.

side-decks and handrailsI go round the boat to remove the fenders and I can’t help noticing how safe the movement on board is. We’re on a walk-around designed for much tougher seas than ours and here nothing is left to chance. There are handrails everywhere and even when you’re passing over waves there’s no risk of moving from stern to bow.

I go back inside through one of the two side doors (which are really handy when mooring) and get back to the controls. It’s time to get it on. I push the throttles and the boat immediately gets up on plane; at 13 knots, the bow is low on the water. A slight pressure on the controls and, at just 2,500 rpm, we’re already well over 20 knots; the boat runs serenely on the water, simply not caring about the rough sea.

We’re in the waters of Nimbus-C11-aerial-viewCannes during the Yachting Festival and there are waves coming in from all sides. The traffic from the dozens of boats being tested creates a confused sea state that our Nimbus C11 happily ignores as she continues on her way.

A flawless seaworthiness that to me sounds like an invitation to go for it. I push the throttles all ahead and the commuter instantly accelerates, We pass 30 knots and reach almost 40 in total tranquillity, penetrating the waves without the boat suffering any impact, it’s as if the sea simply opened up as we passed.

I slow down and try a couple of tight turns, the boat tilts, I reverse and tighten up to the maximum, bringing the Nimbus C11 into a turn of no more than 20 metres in diameter. But she doesn’t do anything, she doesn’t make a plisset, not a flap, it’s like she was on the rails.

Nimbus-C11-under-wayI go back in a straight line and get up to 30 knots. I close the side doors and windows and …. and the boat transforms and goes from being an aggressive coupe to a pure cruiser sailing in absolute silence. Amazing, just amazing…

In this new muffled and heated world I find the time to give a reading to the instruments. The new Volvos are excellent, I can sail at practically any speed and the consumption, in terms of litres per mile, remains practically the same, that is about 3 litres per nautical mile.

This is a very low overall consumption that I have never seen on any other boat.

How the Nimbus C11 is made

Inside the walk-around that Nimbus-C11-interiorsforms the perimeter of the boat, the various functions of this commuter come to life.

At the bow there is a two-people sofa with a suitably sized sundeck behind it that leans against the deckhouse, from which the large pilot house develops, the beating heart of the simply ingenious Nimbus C11 deck plan.

It is in fact the pilot house that almost single-handedly succeeds in realising the concept of a commuter. This is a space that has three sliding doors that, depending on the transformations you choose, all of which can be done in a matter of minutes, allow this yacht to go from the summer version to the autumn version or, if you wish, to the winter version where the interior is completely enclosed and can seat 9 guests.

sleeping zoneOutside, at the stern, there is another sofa oriented in running order, which still leaves space for a structure to store fenders, and even further back, the large beach area, which is enormous and perfectly accommodates the needs of a large group of guests.

In the summer version, the pilot house has an interior dinette with a U-shaped sofa, an opening table, a rear exit and two side exits.

Towards the bow, the two helm seats take advantage of a large panel able to house not only the helm, throttles and all the switches, but also displays of generous dimensions.

On the left we find the descent to the lower deck, where the sleeping area is located.

head with separate shower stern cabin Nimbus C11 stern cabin

Inside this area there is a large bow cabin, a complete linear galley, a head with a separate shower and an additional double cabin with a sofa and standing room.


The Nimbus C11 has really impressed us. Beautiful, fast and comfortable, this boat amazes for its innovative solutions and for the quality of its construction, decidedly above average. It is a boat that can be enjoyed all year round, combining proverbial hull qualities with a fuel economy that is unique in its kind.

The perfect boat for those who really love the sea.

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