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bowline knot

How to tie a Bowline Knot

The bowline knot is certainly the most widely used knot aboard all boats, it has two fundamental characteristics: it develops a very reliable loop and, most importantly, it unravels easily, even after being subjected to

night sailing


Sunset is probably the moment when night sailing really starts. On the emotional level, first of all. I think it doesn’t matter how many nights you have spent at sea throughout your life. With experience,

ice sailing

Ice sailing. Sliding at 35 knots on Lake Geneva

Winter is not the most suitable season to sail the sea and many yachtsmen prefer waiting for fine weather to set sail. However, some of them don’t give up sailing emotions even in cold weather.

heavy weather sailing

How to prepare for heavy weather sailing

Weather reports indicated a 18-knot south-east wind, rain and some storms would be approaching us along the Tuscany Coast in the next hours. Our destination was the Gulf of La Spezia; in short, a safe

Guidi srl mets 2017

Guidi brings Art to the METS Trade in Amsterdam

Countdown for Guidi Srl, an undisputed brand in the sector of marine equipment, which is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary (1968-2018). The preparations for the upcoming accomplishment already started at the Marine Equipment Trade

start Leg 2 Volvo Ocean Race

How “wet” the Volvo Ocean 65 yachts are

Spectacular aerial shots of the Volvo Ocean 65 sailing yachts captured during 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race Leg 2, running from Lisbon to Cape Town, South Africa. This is a 7,000 nm north-to-south Atlantic run, passing

sea tornado

A sea tornado hits a beach: here’s what happens

Striking images captured by several people on their smartphones show a sea tornado hitting a beach full of bathers, maybe too busy looking at it to get away in time. It happened on a Brazilian beach

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