On test. Nimbus T11, the walk-around for everyone

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The Nimbus T11 is a very attractive ‘open’ walk-around which, if you are thinking about buying your first boat or changing one that is giving you too much trouble, can be the right option for you.

Because the 12.40-meter Nimbus T11 can satisfy the most disparate categories of owners, with typical “easy yachting” features, management costs and flexibility suitable for anyone coming on board.

This day-cruiser lends itself to those who desire constant use of their boat, perhaps every weekend for a trip down the coast in search of coves and bays, or who yearn for deep-sea cruising in pursuit of introspection. This is how the T11 is designed: well-equipped to a satisfactory standard, sturdy and not lacking in space to accommodate up to four people below deck.

Nimbus-T11 test

In short, a boat offered in the typical Swedish style of doing things, the one known worldwide for effective design and low costs. The T11 is priced at around 450,000 euros. If you add to that the proverbial art of rigging boats in its Scandinavian (and Viking) sense, Nimbus is a Swedish boatyard that has been in business for more than half a century. It famously offers long-lasting boats. After all, it must be said, people often buy only one boat in their lifetime and rightly so. By the way, Nimbus’ importer for Italy is Bellacenter.

In the Nimbus Scandinavian boat cockpit package there is a feeling of sharing the boat with others, in terms of real on-board conviviality. The external layout is walk-around, with plenty of room for more people on the entire deck. There are three seats on the helm station, designed for cruising together, and three comfortable sofas, plus a bow sundeck. The tables are fitted with handles so they can be turned at will. Going down to the lower deck there are two cabins for parents and children or a couple of friends, plus a head and a kitchenette.

A curiosity. The T11 is related to the Nimbus C11, which has a very functional pilot house, the same hull and is a classic commuter, although in our opinion it’s a little less sporty than its ‘open’ sibling (we have recently tested her).

Without making too many comparisons, the Nimbus T11 is very attractive. As she is, without the pilot house, she’s about 1,000 kilograms lighter and gains in beauty, opening up more to the marine environment, not without a certain grit.

A good option for use in warm weather. Suitable for all those who love swimming in the sea with the right equipment. Not surprisingly, the T11 has a 2,500-liter aft locker for water toys and various accessories. On sunny days, the T11 offers shade thanks to an electrically-operated aft awning. And it’s really easy to think about reading a book in such a situation.

Nimbus T11 Sea Trial

While waiting for the three crew members sitting in the aft sofa, I get ready to test the Nimbus T11. During my inspections I notice that the T-top is equipped with a solar panel and radar. What’s more, this T11 is fitted with additional optional equipment such as a stabilizing gyroscope, diesel generator and steering joy-stick system.

The T11 is powered by twin Mercury Verado 300HP V8 outboard engines, but she can also be fitted with a triple installation for a maximum speed of 50 knots. The engine can also be inboard if the owner prefers a wider stern platform.

Nimbus-T11-test As we leave the Marina di Varazze, the sea is lightly rough with a wave of about 50 centimeters. There is little tendency for it to calm down and the sun peeps out of the cloudy, clear sky at times. A dark north wind is blowing violently, wedging its way through the valleys towards the sea. It’s reassuring to see the handrails available around the perimeter of the Nimbus T11, especially on days like these.

Once we’ve cast off the moorings, we can manoeuvre with real precision thanks to the joy-stick system provided. As we leave the harbour, the T11 immediately shows off her skills even at low speeds.

The hull is double-stepped and glides over the water without offering any detectable resistance. While I take a look at the 12-inch plotter, I speed up to 9.4 knots and I’m pleased to note that the Mercury Verado’s indicator only shows 1,500 rpm. The steering position is really comfortable, visibility at the bow is total and I have to say that the windscreen efficiently protects from the wind whistling in my ears.

There are four of us on board and we’ve all found our seats comfortably. It’s that kind of comfort that makes you want to go faster, perhaps because you feel safe. I push the throttle down and, in the blink of an eye, the T11 gets up on plane at 19 knots and around 2,400 rpm. In waves of half a meter, the T11 goes smoothly, without showing any hesitation, with a very sharp bow on the wave.

It’s a good ride. The wake we leave is clean and flawless. Like us, many have chosen this lively day to go out boating, but the T11 proves once again that it is not afraid of the cross seas that the fitful competitors create to spite us.

Wanting to test the directionality of the Nimbus T11, I speed up to 30 knots and try a couple of properly closed turns, then draw a nice circle from about 65 feet. Nothing: the T11 always shows great tenacity, is really stable. I try to reach top speed, not caring about the rough sea. For a moment I reach almost 38 knots. Considering that there are four of us on board (that’s five and a half men in terms of build) and the unpleasant sea and weather conditions, this is really great performance. Not to mention the fuel consumption, which, according to the data on the dashboard, is always just over 3 liters per nautical mile, which is unique.


Nimbus T11 – Interior

Entering below deck, one is immediately fascinated by the choice of warm tones and the wood worked into rounded shapes. The total absence of sharp edges, although apparently very fashionable, is very welcome.

Moving around in the full-beam forward double cabin (3.46 meters) I feel really safe and although the person at the helm is pushing the gas throttle of the Nimbus very hard, there’s no corner of the furnishings that inappropriately stings me.

The natural lighting C11-T11 provided by two windowed openings to starboard and port of the yacht’s profiles is discreet. And the standard ‘dimmable’ LED lights are pleasant, and also work well on the interior ‘kitchenette’. The floor is covered with a pleasant carpet that muffles all noise.

By the way, the Fusion HI-FI onboard stereo system also has a subwoofer. The head doesn’t lack anything: it’s tall enough and has a small porthole for natural light. The other cabin is equally comfortable.


The T11’s imprinting is tangible in the lounge area, which is great for socializing and parties at anchor. It’s also great for a family day out enjoying the view. There’s plenty of space to move easily from bow to stern and to access the sea from every point on the boat. And, as we said, there are three sofas with a service table that can be transformed into a sundeck. The outdoor galley has everything you need: dedicated compartments, a sink with hot water and a gas or electric cooker. The cockpit is in the pure Nimbus style, with plenty of compartments. And there’s no shortage of front-seat sofa and sundeck in the bow.


The T11 is a boat that inspires a clear feeling of seamanship in the owner and that includes great comfort and safety. A perfect boat for the seas of Mediterranean Europe, Oceania and the States. And it can also be used as a mega-tender for megayachts and superyachts, with room for twelve people on board.

boat test

Technical Specs

Lenght**12.40 m / 40´ 7”
Width3.46 m / 11´ 4”
Weight5,600 kg / 12345 lbs
Draught0.9 m / 3´
Height***3.75 m / 12´ 3”
Fuel Capacity850 l / 224.5 US gal
Water Capacity135 l / 36 US gal
Black water tank80 l / 21 US gal
Grey water tankoptional
Design CategoryB10, C12 max 12 persons
Number of beds4 (2+2)
Speedplus 40 knots
Refrigerator Capacity****70+70+85 l 2,47+2,47+3 cu/ft

Test Data

RPMSpeed in Knlt/hlt/Nm


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