Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL
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Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL : practicality at the helm

The new model comes in the wake of the successful 700 XL, offering revolutionary spaces and solutions despite an apparently compact size.

But it is precisely in the “XL” acronym that the trick is. With a length of 3 meters, in fact, the brand-new NJ 650 XL is the widest inflatable boat of the category.

Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL Sea trial Design and functionality

The NJ 650 XL has an interesting design with well-proportioned spaces everywehere. At first glance, the boat has everything you need. What is impressing, instead, is the balance of the boat: all seatings are in line with the console and the sun pad and the leitmotiv of the boat is the search for easy handling and comfort.

The seats offer different solutions. The stern-facing one hides a 43-liter icebox, which allows to keep several products cool for hours. Between the two parallel seats, it is possible to install a table by means of a floor lamp.

The bow-facing seating, instead, offers two large storage compartments and a folding backrest. The latter allows to create a sun pad by placing a cushion above the table. The stern accommodates two large bathing platforms, which offer exceptional stability when getting on or off the boat.

The interior Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL drone length of the boat measures 1.75 meters and the steering console offers a good protection. The dimensions of the dashboard allow for the installation of a 9-inch display. There are also some convenient object holders and a stand up that can keep two people safe: not bad for a 6.5-meter boat.

The NJ 650 XL is a practical center console with a comfortable walk-around passage that allows to reach the bow with further ease. A removable seat is positioned at the front of the steering console, while, in the bow, there is a large locker with a 1.70-meter convertible sundeck above.

The latter, in fact, can be further extended thanks to an additional cushion or, just like in the stern, it is possible to install a table with a floor lamp. The latter layout allows to seat four guests in the bow without having to worry because the deep hull of the boat promises excellent stability.

Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL, outboard NJ 650 XL: engine options

The boat is designed to enjoy comfortable cruises despite its compact size.

Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL, in fact, has a fuel tank of 250 liters and can be fitted with an outboard engine of up to 200HP.

Considering the length of the boat (just 6.5 meters), the possibility to install powerful outboards from 115HP up is really interesting, since it makes this boat suitable even for those who don’t want to sacrifice performance.


The Nuova Jolly Nuova Jolly NJ 650 XL wakeNJ 650 XL is a revolutionary RIB that changes the concept of the space available on board, offering volumes that can commonly be found on bigger boats.

Perfect also as a superyacht tender, she features a simple linear design as well as great stability at sea. With a length of just 6.50 meters, she is really a fully-equipped boat.

The possibility to install a table in the bow, to convert the forward area into a dinette, the large icebox behind the steering console and the two wide and comfortable sun pads are just some of the highlights of this boat, which proves to be excellent for both daily excursions and nautical camping activities.

NJ 650 XL Technical Specs

Length 6.50 m
Width 3.00 m
Interior Length 5.35 m
Interior Width 1.75 m
Waterline Length 0.56 m
Compartments 5
Weight 750 Kg
Max Power 150 HP
Shaft length XL
Nr. of persons 12
Category C
Fuel Tank Capacity 95 L
Water Tank Capacity 65 L

Nuova Jolly Marine Srl

Via Bologna 3/5 – Bussero – MI


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