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Presented at the 2020 Genoa Boat Show, Prince-50-nuova-jolly-construction Nuova Jolly Prince 50, the latest addition to the Italian shipyard’s fleet, is a true prince in terms of appearance, performance, habitability and building care.

Sporty and aggressive in lines, fitted with quadruple propulsion and “military” colours, the new flagship hides a quieter cruising nature, offering extraordinarily generous and ergonomically advanced spaces and volumes. The Nuova Jolly Prince 50 is, in fact, an inflatable boat that does not to go unnoticed: her impressive tubes that rise towards the bow reveal a V-hull with six support skids, suggesting the great seaworthiness of the boat. The side windows contribute to suggest the interior habitability. But let’s go step by step and go into details….we will find many to describe.



There is no doubt. The area that strikes the most in terms of architectural complexity is the aft one, where passengers can enjoy a full-blown dining room: a large extandable two-winged teak table for 10 people is surrounded on three sides by as many sofas with high padded backs.

Prince-50-aft-relaxing-zone Prince-50-stern-table

When closed, the table reveals two useful stainless steel handrails with cup holders; the asymmetrical plan of the cockpit justifies the particular shapes of the table wings. Furthermore, the table can be lowered electrically (standard operation is manual) to position itself on the same level of the sofas and become, with the addition of cushions, a single sundeck.

Prince-50-sunpad Prince-50-stern-sunbathing-platform

In the stern, before the engine zone, a large sundeck hides a huge storage compartment where passengers can stowe everything they need on board, in addition to having instant access to the boat systems.

Prince-50-deck-detail Prince-50-winch

The quarters house two mobile fiberglass covers that partially hide an electric winch and a cleat on each side: aesthetically pleasing, this solution is also convenient during mooring maneuvers and comfortable as a seat. On the sides, between the sofa area and the stern section, the long hanrails enhance the feeling of safety offered by this inflatable boat.


The deck is entirely made of standard solid teak, stern platforms included, while the side courtesy lights generate an elegant and comfortable atmosphere at night. At mid-ship and behind the helm station, hidden underneath a heavy lid, there is a wet bar equipped with a 100-liter refrigerator, an additional 75-liter fridge, a cabinet, a sink and an induction plate.

Prince-50-outdoor-galley Prince-50-t-top

Positioned under the mighty hard top supported by painted stainless steel beams, the steering console is modern and ergonomic; here, three sports comfortable armchairs with folding seat and lumbar support offer great comfort and practical footrests.

Prince-50-test-footrest Prince-50-pilot-armchairs

The steering console of the Nuova Jolly Prince 50 is fitted with carbon panels and equipped with two 12-inch displays, a VHF system, a Yamaha steering joystick control system and a bow thruster joystick; the linear push-button panel in the middle is the only electrical panel of the boat. Even the switches, in fact, are magnetothermic with manual reset.

Prince-50-steering-console Prince-50-helm-station

A very sturdy windscreen in double-layered tempered glass and with a thick stainless steel tubular edge offers a great protection from the wind. Now, we walk the large side-decks to get the bow deck:

Prince-50-side-decks Prince-50-side-decks 2

we find ourselves in well-recessed a lounge area consisting of a sofa set in the deckhouse, which can be folded down to uncover a large opening that brings air and light to the interiors, while two other linear sofas are positioned along the two sides. The deck between the sofas is actually an electrically-operated table with three different possible layouts: lunch, cocktail or sundeck. A truly smart and functional solution.

Prince-50-bow Prince-50-sunset

The extreme bow, arranged as a teak deck staircase to facilitate disembarkation, features a large anchor locker with double safety lock, two retractable mooring cleats and two supports for the awning carbon poles (the same system can be found in the cockpit, where a full-beam top reaches the extreme stern, supported by carbone poles). The whole bow area, as is the stern one, is made safer by the presence of sturdy stainless steel handrails that cover the entire length of the sofas and beyond. Two additional retractable cleats are installed on the sides, at the thirds of the boat.

The interiors of the Nuova Jolly Price 50


The external appearance is that of a pure open boat; little suggests that the Nuova Jolly Prince 50 can offer spacious and welcoming interiors. A large hatch with a sliding curved closure and a two-stepped staircase lead below deck, where the visitor is welcomed by a multi-function environment.

prince-50-hatch Prince-50-interior-entrance

The first space we find is an extension of the main outdoor galley: a sink, a refirgerator and microwave over are mounted in a side cabinet, all offered as standard equipment in the basic version. Opposite the galley, the bathroom is complete and equipped with a separate shower box while, a little forward, a door hides a large wardrobe.

Prince-50-interior-details Prince-50-sink

The whole bow area, furnished as a living room with a single-legged aluminium table, can be quickly converted into a large double bed; this space features a good headroom and is made bright by the presence of a fixed glass window on the ceiling and a large opening hatch (the same that houses the above-mentioned couch) which significantly amplifies liveability. The white glossy counter print and light laminate furniture make the interiors fresh and bright.

Prince-50-bed Prince-50-furniture

Aft, under the cockpit and accessible from the galley, there is double-bedded cabin with good headroom, completely open to the dinette. The interiors are equipped with both air conditioning and heating system, conveyed through vents and grids distributed throughout the rooms (the power generator located aft is standard). Main and secondary bed are accompanied by various side storage shelves that improve its usability.



The hull is entirely made in infusion with vinylester resins and multi-axial mats for greater stability and structural sturdiness. The structural grid is deliberately over-sized with very generous section floors and keens. The interiors, where the fiberglass is visible, are made of glossy gelcoated counter-print, the laminate furniture is the result of the skill of the craftsmen involved.

Prince-50-nuova-jolly-construction 2

Nuova Jolly Prince 50 Sea Trial

I had already heard of amazing stories about the Nuova Jolly Prince 50, but I was nevertheless impressed by the seaworhtiness features of this powerful 15-meter Rib. The sea trial took place on a gloomy autumn day with little wind and little waves. The leaden colour of the sky amplified the aggressive appearance of the boat. The hull, after several months in the water, was not exactly at its best and showed a colonization of benthic animals that certainly did not help to reach the maximum possible speed. Anyway, 48 knots can be considered as a more than satisfying result.

Prince-50-stern Prince-50-test-engines

The acceleration delivered by the 4 Yamaha outboards, 425HP each, makes the considerable mass of the boat fly in a stunning way. Even more surprising are the easy handling and agility qualities showed during the veru tight turns performed at around 25 knots! The best driving position, for a build like mine, is the standing one while the most comfortable is the one in the pilot armchair. The visibility of the instruments is excellent, the windshield deflects the air flow correctly.

In conclusion, the Nuova Jolly Prince 50 is a niche inflatable boat, certainly not for everyone, which combines the elegance and refinement of a well-designed boat with incredible seaworthiness qualities that translate into high-profile performance, all for a clientele of demanding and evolved owners who perfectly know what they buy.

Prince-50-deck plan

Technical Specs

LOA: 14.99 m

Bea: 4.54 m

Weight: 10,000 kg

Passengers Capacity: 20

Max Power: 1,800 HP

Sea Trial Conditions

Fuel on board: 1,000 l

Water on board: 0 l

Wind: 5 knots

Sea: calm, 2

Passengers on board: 2

Engines: HP 425×4 Yamaha XF 425 XTO Offshore

Min. Planing Speed (trim 0): 12.5 knots at 2,200 rpm

Min. Planing Speed with trim: 9.3 knots at 1,650 rpm (trim 50%)

Rpm Speed l/h l/nm Range/nm
600 3.2 10.3 3.2 574.8
1,000 6.2 25.2 4.1 455.2
1,500 8.5 36.9 4.3 426.2
2,000 12 67 5.6 331.3
2,500 14.5 85 5.9 315.6
3,000 19.2 120 6.3 296
3,500 21.8 145 6.7 278.1
4,000 26 176 6.8 273.3
4,500 31.5 220 7 264.9
5,000 37.9 309 8.2 226.9
5,500 42.2 375 8.9 208.2
6,000 45 410 9.1 203
6,200 48 490 10.2 181.2

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