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Its name is Ocean Scout TK and it is the new thermal imaging camera by Flir/Raymarine. It records pictures while revealing the heat of the object and not its light in order to allow working both at night and in a blinding glare.

barca di notteuomo  a mare

Its function concerns safety. In fact, Ocean Scout can intercept objects and living beings up to 119 metres: boats, buoys, fish, coastal structures, harbour entrances, any object or living being is displayed on the camera, which can record and save up to 1000 pictures and thermal videos.

Of high importance is its capability to reveal night pictures, which is very useful in the case where a person falls into the water at night.

Ocean Scout TK includes all these functions in a very small size: it is portable and it can be used with only one hand thanks to its weight, only 170 gr, and its intuitive and ergonomic buttons. Finally, it is waterproof and it can work in very hard weather and sea conditions.

It costs 495 Euros, VAT excluded.

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