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Quick Synchronous Motors and Quick Nautical Controls: the rush of innovations which upsets the Metstrade in Amsterdam

It’s a sequence of innovations what Quick Spa has launched over the last three months. Far from being merely new products, they are the expression of an unparalleled effort in research and development.

Immediately after the launch of QNN – Quick Natural Network – at the last Cannes Yachting Festival and of the new line of 12V gyro stabilizers at the Genoa International Boat Show, the Italian company joins the Mets of Amsterdam with two new products which are destined to upset the market: the Quick Synchronous Motors and the  Quick Nautical Controls.

While the former are induction motors, more commonly called brushless motors, designed to equip many on-board accessories, the latter represent a complete re-engineering, both aesthetic and functional, of the entire range of remote controls.

Q-SY: Quick Synchronous Motors, the new brushless motor

The new Q-SY Quick Q-SY Quick Synchronous MotorsSynchronous Motors series is an important revolution for the electric motors applied to marine accessories.

The Q-SY is a brushless motor with magnetic induction of the movement, therefore lacking in creeping electrical contacts, better known as “brushes”.

It is composed of an integrated power inverter and a permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor.

The advantage of this system is that it eliminates the rubbing of the internal parts, thus ensuring less mechanical wear and preventing the creation of the annoying dust, consequent to the abrasion of the brushes.

The other big advantage, given the lack of friction in the engine, is a better rotation frequency which decreases the consumption and the noise of the engine.

Designed for everyday use in all navigation conditions, the new Quick motor is perfect for all types of boats. We saw it applied to bow thrusters and mooring winches but, given the system’s practicality, it is not difficult to suppose that this type of motor will soon appear over many other accessories, thus optimizing costs and durability.

Quick Nautical Controls

QNC - Quick Nautical ControlsThe second great innovation introduced by Quick is the QNC – Quick Nautical Controls, a new range which consists of the new interpretation of single and double joystick models and push button control panel both designed to control the stern and bow thrusters, with a new design along with a new technology.

The new QNC – Quick Natural Controls joysticks are protected by a highly resistant and attractive tempered glass body that can effectively withstand shocks. They are also equipped with backlighting with a “ghost” effect.

In these new devices, Quick Spa has replaced the digital communication protocol with the CAN-Bus protocol which allows a more stable communication between the motor and the control panel, thus offering many advantages.

Desire to innovate: MC² Quick Gyro

Quick has introduced another MC² Quick Gyroimportant novelty for the remotely controlled MC² Quick Gyro stabilizers.

These new devices are equipped with a 3.5-inch widescreen high-definition display with full touchscreen technology. The completely redesigned control unit fits perfectly with the new backlit tempered glass screen that is so suitable to be installed in any environment.

Also in this case, Quick has used a CAN-Bus communication protocol, thus making it possible to simultaneously control several MC² Quick Gyro stabilizers.

Quick METS 2019, booth“We expect that Q-SY Quick Synchronous Motors’ machine will be a real trend for the whole nautical sector, representing a key product in terms of fuel efficiency and no maintenance activity” commented Michele Marzucco, President and CEO of Quick Spa.

The Quick Spa team has re-invented the engines working hard in order to guarantee to boat owner a “complete package” of products signed by Quick and all connected to each other. This is possible from last September thanks to the latest product presented in Cannes: the QNN – Quick Nautical Network, a gateway  capable of integrating Quick systems with navigation ones”.

Quick Spa
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