Ranieri International Stops, waiting for the great return

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Ranieri International temporarily stops, following anti-Coronavirus measures

Ranieri International SH 220 Until the even of the entry into force of the “Close Italy” decree issued by the Italian Prime Minister, Ranieri International was still operational, applying the extraordinary safety measures with the utmost rigor and without never underestimating the Coronavirus emergency that is currently affecting the whole country.

The famous motorboating brand, in fact, considered it right to continue the activity in full compliance with the extraordinary national measures, confirming the dedication that the Ranieri family and his team have towards the company and the sense of responsibility towards their customers. However, following the last decree dated March 22, Ranieri International complied with the new provisions and suspended activities.

Before the shutdown, Ranieri International had adopted a rigid health protocol to protect employees, implementing a constant sanitization program for the production, closure and storage environments of the boats.

The management had scheduled special shifts in order to limit as much as possible the simultaneous presence of the workers on the various lines, and applied a specific health protocol for the warehouse, which is the department of the operational headquarters most exposed to continuous contacts with external suppliers.

Smart working and daily sanitization

Ranieri international Sport Touring In addition to having spaced the workstations inside the offices, the company allowed the employees for whom a physical presence was not required to work in smart working mode. Moreover, offices, equipment and common areas were disinfected every day.

Working safely in compliance with regulations and honoring the commitments made with customers, as well as paying wages to employees, Ranieri International secured its own contribution to overcome this extraordinary health emergency.

The Ranieri brand was born in Soverato (in the province of Catanzaro, KItaly) around the end of the 60s from the entrepreneurial activity of the eldest of the Ranieri brothers Pietro who, starting from family business in marine motor and speed boat-sales and maintainance, transformed, with the help of his brothers, his passion for motorboating into talent with the creation of authentic floating masterpieces.

The family business was later developed at the end of 1970s into Motonautica Ranieri Bro.s ,which was the first branch of the Ranieri group.

Ranieri International temporarily stops but the success continues

Ranieri-International-Cannes Ranieri International concentrates primary resources in the production and marketing of fiberglass recreational boats. The generational shift has developed in making of Pietro along with his two sons Salvatore and Antonio as the descendants and new players of the Motonautica Ranieri Srl. Together, they deal with marketing distribution and administration , along with a highly skilled staff.

The selection of materials and the studies that the company carries out on each material used in the production cycle is meticulously carried out in order to guarantee the market a product of excellent quality.

The secret of this success therefore lies in the force of a family group that works united and in harmony to create cutting-edge boats. That’s why Ranieri International, when the epidemic is finally over and restrictive measures allow it, promises to return to sailing as soon as possible, leaving behind such a delicate moment.

Motonautica F.lli Ranieri Srl

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