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60th anniversary and 60 years of participation at the Genoa Boat Show for RIO YACHTS, the renowned Bergamo-based rio yachts genoa boat show 2021 shipyard, which will celebrate two special events in Genoa simultaneously. The 61st Genoa Boat Show therefore adds another chapter the unstoppable process of the Italian boating industry, made up of beautiful boats that carry the “branded” Made in Italy excellence around the world. And this year the contribution to the Boat Show comes in the form of RIO YACHTS’ first woman, the DAYTONA 46, whose preview of the renderings was received with no small amount of amazement. Sixty years of age, therefore, worn well for RIO YACHTS, which has always been able to integrate with the industrial history of the country since the Seventies. Thanks to the obstinacy of its two founders, Luigi and Anna Scarani, when they were the first to understand the market’s need for a “boat for everyone”, opting for an innovative material; and so they turned their production of fine mahogany motorboats towards ABS boats, launched, as always, by the shipyard located on the banks of the Sebino.

Genoa Biat Show, RIO YACHTS and the DAYTONA 46

Maybe it’s the sporty audacity of the DAYTONA 46, an “open” boat in its own right, characterized by its total harmony with the water, its extreme liveability on board and the absence of tiring physical obstacles. And it will be that commercially the DAYTONA range, starting with the first DAYTONA 34 model last year, really sells out and does so almost immediately for the entire season.

daytona 34

The DAYTONA 46, an unprecedented upper-class boat, will be unveiled to the public with a bright and richly defined open space. Inside, there is a small loft with magnificent potential, which can be divided if necessary by a movable wall for greater privacy. Looking at the design of RIO YACHTS, there are further confirmations: it is increasingly sophisticated, even in the brand-new DAYTONA 46, where the tireless skilled designer Marino Alfani thinks up the concept, bodywork, interior and even puts an extra eye on engineering. In fifteen metres you can design so much and so differently.

In the case of the DAYTONA 46, RIO YACHTS has almost taken away rather than added volume, and here is the space summed up as in a koan of the art of Zen: the walkaround and central console offer maximum comfort on board, with the “limitless” cockpit where the aft platform is practically transformed into a terrace by lowering the bulkheads almost to the water’s edge. There’s plenty of sportiness and a top speed in excess of forty knots, which is always needed in the event of sudden bad weather.

DAYTONA 34 and PARANA’ 38 also at the Genoa Boat Show

Rio yachts paranà 38 At the Genoa Boat Show, visitors will also have the opportunity to admire the PARANA’ 38, a 13-meter “Made in Italy registration-free boat” which has met with great success among enthusiasts looking for the joy of sailing. And this is perhaps where her imprinting lies: a practical, easy boat that lacks nothing and is also good for cruises in the Mediterranean, thanks to her modest consumption of around forty litres per hour per engine. RIO YACHTS will also be exhibiting the DAYTONA 34, which has been very popular since its launch in 2020, this eleven-metre boat has provided yachtsmen with an opportunity to escape from the urban routine on board a vessel that really knows how to offer “five-star weekends“. Looking at the interior with four beds and a bathroom with shower, these are well lit by the windows that outline the exterior with a sober dark moustache. There’s a large cockpit aft with a hidden foldaway table, and in the central area the possible external kitchen is enclosed in a “fibreglass block”, covered by a “sporty” T-top. This impressive trio of “liquid harmony” by RIO YACHTS will be on display at Pier E, from 16th to 21st September when the Genoa Boat Show will already be at work, we are sure, for its next edition in 2022.


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