Riva 66 Ribelle
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It is difficult to passRiva 66 Ribelle, bow by the new Riva 66 Ribelle without letting the gaze linger on the contemplation of this yacht.

And it must have been equally difficult for Officina Italiana Design to create this new model, by designing a boat that introduces modern lines while maintaining the distinctive unmistakable traits of what is probably the best known boat brand in the world and by assuming a really huge responsibility.

When we consider that Piero Ferrari personally chaired the committee that, together with Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, has given rise to this wonderful creature, then we can only imagine how anxiously Ferretti Group launched this novelty during the last Cannes Yachting Festival.

Riva 66 Ribelle, master cabinHowever, the anxious wait must have been brief. Presented in a new exclusive Blue Sapphire guise, the Riva 66 Ribelle, indeed, literally magnetized the audience’s attention.

To be honest, we, too, we didn’t resist the charm of this yacht; so, just as soon as we had the chance, we didn’t hesitate and we climbed on board this boat for a complete sea trial.

On board the Riva 66 Ribelle

The recent spread of the “Sport Fly” Riva 66 Ribelle, foredeck areaphenomenon has generated an extraordinary large number of interpretations – not always successful, unfortunately – of this concept that, on the contrary, finds its perfect dimension in the Riva 66 Ribelle, maintaining all the hallmarks that have always characterized the boats built by the Sarnico-based shipyard.

The ability to skillfully hide, within a line that is gutsy and light at the same time, the presence of the fly bridge and of the large forward relaxation/ sunbathing platform makes this project really unique.

Riva 66 Ribelle, sternMahogany and steel details play with the design of this yacht, creating an overview of rare beauty. Equally noteworthy is the capacity to make these aesthetic details functional, as in the case of the handrails that lead to the bow in total safety and keep the stainless steel guardrail low in order not to compromise the streamlined outline of the boat.

In the stern, two staircases symmetrically delimit an area that, with great elegance, frames the tender garage, the bathing platform and the astern sun pad that, bounded by a pretty mahogany-and-stainless steel insert, introduces the overall design of this boat as soon as you climb on board.

This  perception Riva 66 Ribelle, interiorsbecomes even clearer when you enter the main deck where, with exceptional ability, designers have permeated interiors with Riva’s tradition, using refined essences and highly elegant color combinations.

Here, again, white, blue and mahogany are framed by polished finishes that express the best of a design that, while recalling Riva’s  1980s, is always contemporary and able to express an endless class.

Riva 66 Ribelle, cabinThe master cabin of the Riva 66 Ribelle is full-beam and uses all the 5 meters of width with elegance and sophistication. A synthesis and a full celebration of the other two cabins, it renders a unique sensory experience where the blue of the sky merges with the shades of interiors, satisfying the eye and gratifying the spirit.

The area dedicated to the preparation of meals is another masterpiece of design. Reflecting surfaces are combined with warm white and mahogany tones, creating a modern and very light atmosphere while a crystal panel, expertly hidden, creates unexpected living dimensions for a sporty boat like this.

Beauty, elegance and luxury are perceivable anywhere. After all, we’re on board a Riva, light-years away from the rest.

Riva 66 Ribelle, galley

Riva 66 Ribelle Sea Trial

During the boat show, the Vieux Port of Cannes Riva 66 Ribelle, pilot stationturns into an obstacle course for boats of this size but, despite a length of almost 21 meters, the Riva 66 Ribelle steers easily while, packed with journalists from all around the world, she takes us out of the inner breakwater.

The view from the fly bridge is excellent in all directions, even when remaining seated. From up here, the dimensions of the Ribelle seem to be smaller and steering is a pleasure; the boat glides gently on the water, at all annoyed by the waves provoked by the others boats.

Riva 66 Ribelle, navigationI go down to the main deck, I get the interior pilot station and I get controls. The driving position is correct, throttles and electronic devices are all exactly where they should be.

With a laden displacement of over 45 tons, the Riva 66 Ribelle is powered by twin Man 1,550hp V-12 engines that represent a really appropriate power for a sporty yacht like this.

I put my right hand on the electronic throttles and start to accelerate. Despite its displacement, the yacht doesn’t wait to be asked twice and picks up speed. The hull leans on a slightly stern-oriented trim and, safe and stable, cuts through the waves with no shocks.

When I steer, I usually prefer to do Riva 66 Ribelle, sea trialthat from the fly bridge and use the interior pilot house only when elements force me to do that; however, despite the sporty design of the yacht and the inclination of the large windscreen, the forward view of the Riva 66 is good enough and steering is always optimal.

The Riva 66 Ribelle starts to surf without changing her trim. You can perceive than only looking at the wake that, at about 14 knots, opens and becomes perfect.

But it’s when we accelerate that the Ribelle becomes really amazing. The two Man engines push like mad, acceleration is great and the boat seems not to realize its weight while moving forward very fast.

Riva 66 Ribelle at seaThe sound of the two Man engines is extraordinary and a grimace of satisfaction starts to take shape on my face; I slow down and, at about 25 knots, I start to perform some turns. The Ribelle reacts promptly and progressively bends flawlessly.

I make a sudden change of direction and, again, I feel an amazing pleasure. To steer a boat of this size, that is also highly responsive, is a unique experience.

The steering wheel, equipped with a system that makes it get back to the middle automatically, is genial. I only have to relieve the pressure of my fingers on the wheel and the Ribelle recovers her course promptly. Performances and safety run through the veins of this yacht very strongly.

I take a free route Riva 66 Ribelle, interiorand I pull the throttles down. Again, the sound of the two Man engines is a fraction of a second faster than the push and, once again, acceleration pushes us back while the digital speed indicator shows increasingly bigger numbers.

The Riva 66 Ribelle reaches a speed of little less than 37 knots very fast: not bad for a yacht of this size. Even at high speeds, safety and stability are stunning. Capable of a cruising speed of 33 knots, this Riva is also a wonderful devourer of miles, comfort and driving satisfaction are very high even at this speed.

Riva 66 Ribelle, cabinsThen, my test turn comes to an end. Reluctantly, I give the wheel to my colleague, I sit and take my notebook. The first sentence I write is the answer to the question I had asked myself before climbing on board.

So, while the Riva 66 Ribelle runs fast on the water, I write: ” Yes, it’s a Riva. There is no doubt”.

Performances detected during the sea trial

RPM Speed Fuel Consumption L/h Fuel Consumption


600 8 20 2.5
1,000 11.7 85 7.3
1,200 14.1 153 10.9
1,400 18.2 212 11.6
1,600 22.7 281 12.4
1,800 28.1 376 13.4
2,000 31.4 455 14.5
2,200 35.1 564 16.1
2,320 36.7 609 16.6

Technical Specs

LOA 20.54 [m] – 67 ft 5 in
LH 20.06 [m] – 65 ft 10 in
Max Width 5.29 [m] – 17 ft 4 in
Draft 1.80 [m] – 5 ft 11 in
Unladen Displacement 39,500 [kg] – 87,083 [lbs]
Laden Displacement 46,500 [kg] – 102,515 [lbs]
Fuel Tank Capacity 3,800 [l] – 1,004 [US gal]
water Tank Capacity 710 [l] – 188 [US gal]
Engines MAN V 12 1550
Engine Power 2 x 1550 hp
Top speed 37 [kn]
Cruising speed 33 [kn]
Range 250 [nm]
Cabins 3
Crew Cabins 1 std
Bathrooms 3
Number of passengers 12
CE Category A

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