Sacs Strider 15

Sacs Strider 15: an exciting Maxi Rib

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It is from the pencil of Christian Grande, one among the most successful contemporary yacht designers, that the new Sacs Strider 15 takes life as a definitively out-of-the-box Maxi Rib capable of delivering exciting performance and distinguishing itself from boats from competitors, often too similar to each other.

Sacs Strider 15

The soft, sinuous and edgeless lines of the Sacs Strider 15 trace the outline of a boat that conveys energy, power and, undoubtedly, a great amount of style. Numerous distinguishing elements harmoniously coexist on board and, while their combination makes the boat unique, when taken individually, instead, they give an idea of the important work carried out by the designer.

An example of this is the T-Top that, positioned Sacs Strider 15, beach areaamidships with no lateral supports, seems to float above the cockpit, lightening the vertical development of the Strider 15.

Another distinctive feature of the Sacs Strider 15 is the beach area. All boat lines converge here, creating a precious and functional space. Exploiting 5 meters of beam and more than 3 meters of length, this huge area, fitted with two carbon poles and sheltered by a special top, has little to envy to a 5-star resort beach cabana.

The bow deck accommodate a large U-shaped sofa that, served by a cocktail cabinet and two folding tables, can seat up to 6 guests within a comfortable, refined and, above all, functional area.

The cockpit offers 4 seats, gathered two by two, and an instrument panel for the which the definition of “complete” would be an understatement. Here, two multifunction XL screens, with many controls all around, display all the data needed for a safe navigation and full boat control.

Sacs Strider 15, Christian GrandeThe bow deserves separate analysis, not only for its stem that, cleverly shaped, increases the waterline length while triggering many positive effects. It is here that, in fact, abaft an amazing sun pad, Christian Grande has positioned the structure that characterizes the front profile of the boat. This clear automotive-inspired design is characterized by the presence of ribs and large air intakes, which strongly emphasize the sporty and strong character of this Maxi-Rib.

As proof of the great customization possibilities offered by the shipyard, the Sacs Strider 15 is available in various engine options. These range from the traditional sterdrive version, with twin Volvo D6 440HP engines, to a sportier outboard one, with Caterpillar or Cummins engines up to 1,500HP. Multiple outboards installations, particularly appreciated on the American market, are equally possible.

Sacs Strider 15 Interiors

If the aggressive look of the Sacs Sacs Strider 15, cabinStrider 15 impressed us at first sight, it’s below deck that another miracle takes life. The aggressive lines of the exteriors are abrubtly interrupted as soon as you enter the interiors and give way to a space that become surprisingly exclusive, sophisticated and luxury, where nothing is left to chance.

High-quality materials, refined essences and elegant colour combinations satisfy the view and justify the inevitable success of this boat line. Finishes worthy of a superyacht trace the boundaries of a large open space that, if on one side houses two king-size beds and a bathroom with separate shower, on the other allows passengers to spend long periods on board.

Technical Specs

LOA 14.97 m
EC Certifying length 14.20 m
Max Beam 4.87 m
Deflated Tubes Width 3.98 m
Draft 0.80 m
Number of compartments 11
Tubes Diameter 80 – 65 cm
Weight with standard engines 9.5 t
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,050 l
Water Tank Capacity 230 l
Max Power 1104 kW – 1500 HP
Homologation Category CE – B
Persons Capacity 16
Sleeping accommodation 4
Project SACS
Design  Christian Grande Design Works

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