Sanlorenzo SX88
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Ideas generally spring up from personal experiences and the belief that reality can be shaped at will. For many this is just pure speculation; for others, it is a strong incentive to create concrete, unconventional things.

03  Sanlorenzo SX88Exhibited at pavilion 6 during the last Boot Dusseldorf, the new Sanlorenzo SX88 is the latest creation of the prestigious Italian shipyard and she is certainly an unusual boat. Her building was made possible by a team of top designers, coordinated by architect Luca Santella, who have successfully channeled engineering functionalities and design into a unique idea shared by all the parts who have signed the project. The underlying concept of the Sanlorenzo SX88 originated from the desire to introduce a new approach to spaces on larger boats. This was the original idea proposed by designer Piero Lissoni who has used his sensitive approach and pencil to conceive the interiors of this untaggable yacht.


Sanlorenzo SX88 - 1

It might seem trivial, but we could assume that this engineering impulse has resulted from the observation that overwrought inside spaces often risk creating a barrier against external environment. Yachts are often conceived as “houses” whose identity remains distinct from the sea they sail. Luca Santella, Piero Lissoni and Officina Italiana Design have wanted to break down all barriers and it’s exactly with this in mind that the new Sanlorenzo SX88 can be understood.

In order to “free up” thesstb30  Sanlorenzo SX88 interior space on the main deck, the deckhouse is located solely on the flybridge, even if the latter is something more than just a fly. The upper deck is indeed a modular space offering not only the typical advantages of a flying bridge but also those of a completely closed environment as well as the high quality standards which have made this boatyard famous all around the world. The windscreen is fixed while two majestic glazing surfaces  can softly raise and close both the deckhouse and the saloon behind it.

Moreover, the flybridge can be transformed from open to the elements to closed off with air conditioning or heating while a system of panels regulates the sunlight enter on the top. Suspended over the main deck, a large terrace completes the upper deck.


Sanlorenzo SX88 - 2

The lower deck is accessible through a stylish suspended staircase protected by a side crystal panel. The main deck is offered in two different versions.

sstb22  Sanlorenzo SX88In the first one, the master cabin occupies all the space conventionally reserved for the interior deckhouse. The second version is much more attractive since the whole main deck becomes a unique, huge loft. Side windows envelop the environment while the oblique front windscreen overlooks the forward saloon.

The central staircase leaves room for a passage on the port side, while, on the starboard side, a passageway precedes the long kitchen cabinet and toilets. Opposite to it, an elegant table accommodates guests in total comfort. A glass door leads into the outside area of this open space, sheltered by the flybridge and equipped with a relaxation zone. The lower deck is destined to accommodate cabins, whose number can vary according to the position of the master apartment.

In the stern, there is enough room to house a large technical zone and even a crew cabin. Everything comes from the catalogs of top Italian design brands and an interesting blending of different styles.

sstb28  Sanlorenzo SX88A double staircase positioned on the main deck leads to the stern bathing platform, where one of the many design and engineering miracles of the Sanlorenzo SX88 occurs: the extension of the left handrail hides an integrated telescopic davit crane. When it’s time to launch the tender or a water toy, an electric remote control will make it rotate towards the bathing platform and makes it operative. This area forms a nearly 30-square-meter beach club while the fore area of the main deck is furnished to offer an additional relaxing living area with double L-shaped sofas with coffee tables and an extended sunbathing surface.



sstb38  Sanlorenzo SX88Hull waterlines were developed by the worldwide renowned Lou Codega while, as we’ve already said, Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta‘s Officina Italiana Design has designed exterior lines.

Boasting a high, seaworthy bow and a hull which harmoniously lowers towards the stern, the Sanlorenzo SX88 promises great performances in all conditions. Her carbon superstructures, with a “fake” bridge ahead, and the uninterrupted line of glass windows below the fly streamline her 22 meters that the triple IPS 1050HP propulsion system can push up to 23 knots.




Sanlorenzo SX88 – Technical Specs

LO                            26.70 mt

Beam                        7.20 m

Draft (full load)      1.70 mt.

Fuel tank Capacity        9,300 lt.

Engines                       3 x IPS 1050 Volvo 800 hp

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