Scanner Marine Cannes
Scanner Marine Cannes

Scanner Marine gets Cannes with the ENVY 860 and 1200 Ribs


Scanner Marine RIBs will be heading for Côte d’Azur, arriving on September 7th, right on time for the start of the Cannes Yachting Festival. The premieres chosen by the Italian shipyard involve the SCANNER ENVY 1200 sterndrive and the SCANNER ENVY 860 with COX diesel Scanner Envy 860outboard propulsion. On the dock in Cannes – the booth is PAN026 – the shipyard will also be exhibiting the SCANNER ENVY 1400 Outboard and the SCANNER ENVY 1100 sterndrive. But there is a novelty, because, in September, Scanner Marine will also be in Liguria, at Marina di Varazze with an exclusive 4-day event, from Semptember 16-19, where the SCANNER ENVY 1200, 1400 and 770 will be put on display.

All these aggressive inflatable boats are designed with great attention to details by Donato Montemitro, who is also Scanner Marine’s owner. They are the result of a great craftsmanship where everything is skillfully produced in-house, from the fibreglass moulds to the laying of the teak on deck.

The SCANNER ENVY 1200 is distinguished by an excellent hull, which guarantees excellent performance and safety even in rough seas. Style and performance outline all SCANNER crafts, with an instinctive and at the same time attractive charm.

There is plenty of sportiness in fact, but there is no shortage of chic details: appealing to owners of superyachts who choose Scanner Marine for their tenders.

Scanner Marine Venice Boat Show


Scanner MarineThe new SCANNER ENVY 1200 amazed everyone at a preview during a lagoon sunset at the Venice Boat Show and returns to Cannes challenging the international critics. The SCANNER ENVY 1200 is a pure Rib, suitable for both day trips or short-range cruises.

The entire teak-finished deck surface runs unobstructed to the bow where it culminates free marked by the winch, and the chain finds space rolled up in its stainless steel compartment. The stern and cockpit are protected by fibreglass bulwarks. The helm station is surrounded on both sides by three steps leading to the bow, which has no sides. Climbing on board, the aft beach area is well sanded in a cream-coloured teak.

The doublerib stern sundeck is a rational space equipped with a backrest that also acts as a backrest to the sofa in front, once folded extends the sundeck further. Below is the engine room. Underneath, two 1,200 HP engines whisk through the water. The cockpit has stainless steel handrails installed on the bulwarks and, in the centre, there is a table and sofas for eight people. The profile seen in navigation rises over the futuristic, central cockpit, and is the real protagonist also because it has enough space for the installation of any additional electronics.

The accentuated features mean it is protected from the front by the darkened windscreen. This in turn is complemented by a t-top that rests, supported by a luxurious H-shaped steel support, insisting on the kitchen cabinet behind the three control seats. SCANNER ENVY 1200 measures 12 metres in length.


scanner outboardSCANNER ENVY 860 is a boat with great spirit that, however, she flaunts with accurate class. With a length of 8.60 meters and a beam of three, she is a true RIB of desire for her luxurious style. Just look at the choice of colours, which combine the sport grey of the tubulars and the brown fibreglass moulding, with a brown teak-finished deck that contrasts elegantly.

But customization boasts truly extensive options. Special details, because the cockpit instrumentation is decorated with the cream-coloured materials that denote all the cushions. The bulwarks with handrails protect the whole dinghy from the cockpit to the bow where the U-shaped sofas are located. The tubulars are in hypalon-neoprene/1670 tex. Maximum power is 550 HP. On board there is room for 16 people.

The attraction to superyachts is also strong here, because the SCANNER ENVY 860 is an excellent arrival point for a luxury tender.

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