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The big comeback we’ve been waiting for is now out in the open: Solemar SX34 is the new flagship of the popular Made in Italy Rib company’s sport and day-cruising line that made its (new) debut at the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show.  

The Bergamo-based company exhibited three models in total, of which the 34-footer (which we tested) is the flagship. Let’s take a closer look at the new flagship of Solemar’s SX range and how it performed in a sea trial we carried out in unfavourable weather conditions.

boat test

Solemar SX34 Sea Trial

We start the sea trial of the Solemar SX34 early in the morning, the weather is still a bit unstable given the bad weather during the first days of the Genoa Boat Show. The wind blows lightly, the sea is a bit choppy, ideal conditions to test how comfortable and adrenaline-pumping this rib can be, even with a bit of a wave.

We slowly leave the harbour and already in the access channel we begin to encounter the first ripples given also by the passage of the boats, which bounce against the walls of the dam forming steeper waves.

As soon as we get out to sea, things change, the wind blows strong from the land and the wave height becomes higher, but the Solemar SX34 does not seem to be affected by this: on board I feel safe and protected, even if I am standing.

testIn front of the coast we begin to do some speed tests, and the responsiveness of this RIB, thanks to its two Mercury Verado V10 350 hp outboards, is impressive: in just a few moments the hull comes out of the water and we travel effortlessly at 30 knots, despite the weather conditions.

After performing a few turns, both to starboard and port, I try to put this RIB through its paces by tightening the trajectory more and more (and with the sea against it), but nothing: Solemar SX34 is stable, it feels like sailing on rails and the feeling at the helm is similar to driving a sports car on the road.

The sturdiness, comfort and stability of this rib really amazed me. I was expecting (given the unfavourable weather conditions) to have some strong impact with the waves, but nothing happened, I experienced the highest comfort and safety I could ever wish for… Solemar has made a real comeback in ‘grand style’ with truly excellent products.

Test Data

RPM Speed in kn Consumption in l/h
min 640 3.5 7.5
1000 5.5 12.6
1500 7.8 21.1
2000 10 34.7
2500 15.2 38.2
3000 20.6 53.4
3500 24.8 71
4000 29.6 90.5
4500 33.8 113.3
5000 37.8 152.4
5500 42.8 195.5
6000 46 229
6291 max 47.2 231.8

exterior designSolemar SX34: Design

At first glance, the Solemar SX34 may seem completely new, yet almost nothing has changed from the models that have thrilled so many Italian dinghy enthusiasts over the past decades. They have the same high-performance hull and the same charm, but with greater attention to detail and a renewed design that does not upset the Solemar range, but brings it up to date.

The inflatable, which for the time being is the flagship of the Solemar range (pending the already announced 39-foot cabin model), is an impressive 10.45 metres long but is homologated as a registration-free boat given its hull length of 9.96 metres.

The deck is accessed via the two large stern side platforms that protrude to the sides of the two majestic Mercury outboards, facilitating the safe boarding and disembarking of passengers.

A comfortable, wide side-deck along the port side tubular connects the stern to the bow, allowing easy movement throughout the boat. At the stern, on the port side we find a bar and galley unit, while on the starboard side there is a large L-shaped sofa with table which, when lowered, turns into a large sundeck.

A high hard top protects the deck, and thanks to the two extendable canopies, the entire bow and stern area can be covered. The hull, the two side flaps and the many handrails provide a great sense of protection and safety, making the Solemar SX34 a perfect option for families with children.

On the starboard side, halfway along the boat’s length, we find the helm console that accommodates the owner with a dedicated, comfortable and transformable seat, since when rotated and moved it adds a seat to the dinette table. The console is modern and well-designed to meet the needs of the owner, who can have all the instrumentation within easy reach, the steering wheel is comfortable and sturdy, and of course, Solemar branded.

Right from the side deck you have access to the door that allows access to the area below deck where there is a double berth and a small bathroom unit with toilet, useful for spending a whole day out at sea.

The forward sundeck exploits the entire beam to offer a large relaxation area, to which is added the chaise longue carved out of the curved fibreglass of the console. Another special feature that Solemar has added compared to the past is the plate containing the specifications and optional extras the boat came out of the shipyard with, as if it were an individually branded sports car. This will greatly help owners when buying a second-hand model to understand when and with how many optional extras that model was delivered and to be able to give an estimate of the actual value.

On the Solemar SX34 you can immediately perceive the strength of the materials, the sturdiness of the structure, and the profound attention to finishing and elegance that has always distinguished the shipyard’s work. The particular chromatic tone of the tubulars matches the 4 customizable cushions that aim to express all the identity, strength and versatility of the Solemar RIBs.

Technical Specs


10.85 m


9.96 m

Overall Beam

3.44 m

Max Height

3.29 m


0.56 m

Tubulars Diameter

0.67 m

No. of Compartments



Deep V

Dry Displacement

 2650 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

500 l

Fresh Water Tank Capacity

 100 l

Black Water Tank Capacity

50 l

Design Category

 CE – B

Passengers Capacity




Max Power

700 Hp – 522 kW

Shaft Length

 2 x XL


 2 x Mercury Verado V10-350



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