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Used boats under the lens: the Cranchi Acquamarina 31

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Cranchi Acquamarina 31: description and market positioning

Since she appeared on the marked for the first time, the Cranchi Acquamarina 31 has been a model of inspiration for all open, medium-sized powerboats. Boasting sporty lines, well-balanced performance, evergreen living and design standards, she has always been one among the most appreciated boats on the market. Nearly 15 years after her launch, the Acquamarina 31 remains a reference for enthusiasts within a segment which, in the meantime, has produced dozens of new models.
Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato navigazioneCranchi Acquamarina 31 usato in secca
Of course, this extraordinary success has resulted into a complete preservation of the boat’s second-hand value, especially in the case of well-maintained models fitted with diesel motors. The original version of the Acquamarina 31 was even offered in a petrol inboard-outboard version which delivered extraordinary performance and a top speed of over 40 knots. However, the greater cost-effectiveness of gasoline engines, especially today when the fuel price is an important value for boat management, contributes to keep the quotations of the diesel-powered models significantly higher.


 The seller

With an experience of over 80 years, Nautica Feltrinelli is not a broker but a shipyard which buys and resells its boats after thorough checks and inspections. This is why its ” Used boats better than new ones” formula is so successful among its loyal customers who, in turn, have the possibility to enjoy a particular after-sales warranty. Nautica Fetrinelli is also the owner of an exclusive marina and a fully-equipped shipyard.

Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

Via della Libertà 59, Gargnano sul Garda (BS), tel. +39 0365 71 240; fax: +39 0365 71 920

Website:  E-mail:




Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato pozzettoThe Acquamarina 31 offered for sale features a standard aft, narrow boarding platform which gives instant access to the aft sun pad.

This area is spacious enough to accommodate 3 or even 4 adults in total comfort. Unlike the standard version where they were one-piece, the cushions of this model are composed by three different elements and the central one can be even removed in order to create an encumbered passage to the cockpit. The seat upholstery, too, can be removed easily.


Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato pozzetto chaise longueThe wraparound, shaped sofa of the cockpit stretches towards the bow on the left bulwark and can become a chaise longue where guests can sunbathe and relax in total comfort while chatting with the helmsman. Sturdy and equipped with a “stand-up” option, the helm station features a well-equipped steering console with multiple displays and controls, whose arrangement is maybe a little too…messy if compared with current standards: after all, the Acquamarina 31 was born during a period of transition where the analog instruments with their needle indicators were progressively giving way to the digital, contemporary ones, where groups of information are displayed on a single screen. The result is that liquid crystals and round quadrants have to coexist on the same compact dashboard.

Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato timoneriaCranchi Acquamarina 31 usato pozzetto prendisole prodiero



Getting to the bow on board the Cranchi Acquamarina 31 is a piece of cake. Of course, side-decks are not as wide as those in a 40-footer but the sturdy, stainless steel handrail and the shaped windscreen offer multiple handholds. An additional sun pad is positioned on the forward half of the boat while a round hatch floods the fore cabin with natural light and fresh air. The fore equipment is completed by a windlass located in the anchor locker.



Considering we’re dealing with an open boat fitted with an inboard-outboard engine and a large cockpit, it’s quite normal to expect that interiors have been reduced to their lowest terms. On the contrary, Cranchi Yachts have succeeded in providing the Acquamarina 31 with genuine interiors which, although smaller than those of a conventional family cruiser, can offer a couple or a family with two children the possibility to enjoy a weekend at the sea.

Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato dinetteCranchi Acquamarina 31 usato dinette cucina

Below deck, the interiors include three different environments and a bathroom which, located on the right of the staircase, replicates the round corners and the soft lines which can be found in the rest of the interior open space. Instead of conventional cumbersome doors, designers have preferred to use some blinds to separate the living area from the cabins. Centrally-located, the dinette is furnished with some V-shaped seats and a center table.

The shipyard had envisaged the possibility to transform this space into an additional berth; however, thanks to the existing 4 berths, the accommodation capacity of this boat is more than satisfactory (after all, length should be more important than berths in suggesting the captain the right passenger number he can take on board). Minimal yet well-equipped, the kitchen cabinet is hidden behind a rolling shutter. The sleeping area consists of two cabins: the first one is positioned at the bow, beyond the dinette sofa, while the other one – furnished with a full-beam bed and a small seat – is located aft, below the cockpit and before the engine room.

Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato bagnoCranchi Acquamarina 31 usato cuccetta cabina poppa





Engines, fuel efficiency and performance

Designed by Andreani Design, the studio founded by Pierangelo Andreani, historical advisor of the Piantedo-based shipyard since 1974, the hull is highly performing and enables the Acquamarina 31 to “fly” at over 40 knots when fitted with the most powerful power option available ( 560 hp). The model offered for sale is powered by twin Volvo Penta diesel 200hp engines which guarantee extraordinary fuel consumption when travelling at around 25 knots: each motor indeed uses just 20 liters of fuel per hour, not bad for a boat of this size. Top speed is 36 knots. This Acquamarina 31 is equipped with two sterndrives with Duoprop coaxial contra-rotating propellers.

Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato motori entrofuoribordoCranchi Acquamarina 31 usato entrofuoribordo DuoProp

Boat conditions

Thanks to an exclusive use in freshwaters and a proper maintenance from the owner, the exteriors are well-preserved. The few, inevitable signs of aging resulting from the simple use of the boat have been recently removed by an excellent restoration work. Looking at the Acquamarina 31, you feel like standing up in front of a just launched boat. Below deck, upholsteries and cushions smell new and clean and alcantara is soft to the touch and easy-to-clean.


Works required

No works required.


Iconic boat

Excellent fuel-efficiency

Good performance

Fully-equipped boat




Equipment doesn’t include the optional aft boarding platform. Consequently, embarkation and disembarkation operations are a little difficult.

Compact fore cabin.



(Approximate) Annual Cost


Berth on Lake Garda: € 5,000.00

Winterizing: € 1,000.00

Insurance: minimum liability € 250,00 €; comprehensive insurance:  € 750,00

Engine servicing: € 2,000.00

Prices refer to the average rates offered in the sales region.


Why to buy this boat


Despite her age, the Acquamarina 31 can never go unnoticed. With attractive lines and excellent performance, she is the perfect boat for all those looking for a funny, practical, affordable and sporty boat. The model offered for sale is in excellent conditions. The seller offers a 1-year warranty.



Acquamarina 31 – Layout


Cranchi Acquamarina 31 usato pianta interni

Cranchi Acquamarina 31 – Technical Specifications




Year of construction:


Original Price:

€ 170,000.00

Current new boat rating (based on the results of the major online research engines)

from € 29,000.00 (petrol-fuelled models)  and from € 50,000.00 ( diesel-fuelled models)  up to € 85,000.00

Year of construction (of the model offered for sale):


Price (of the model offered for sale):

€ 75,000.00 €


Gargnano (BS)


9.92 m


3.10 m


0.80 m

Guest Cabins:


Guest bathrooms:


Passenger Capacity:





3,900 kg

Water Tank Capacity:

130 l


Volvo Penta AD 41P/DP-E (diesel)


2 x 147 kW/ 2 x 200 hp

Engine operating hours:


Engine type:

inboard-outboard with Duoprop coaxial and contra-rotating propellers.

Fuel Tank Capacity:

530 l

Additional equipment:

3kw 230volt 50hz generator, heating system, autopilot, caper awning, echo-sounder, VHF radio, boiler, fore sun pad cushions, charger, electronic throttles.

Cruising speed

25 kn

Maximum speed:

36 kn

CE Category:



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