Zar 95 SL
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Zar Formenti: the Zar 95 SL arrives at FLIBS

Piero Formenti at FLIBSZar Formenti introduces its flagship in America, a booming market for the Italian shipyard which is imposing itself in the field of maxi RIBs.

The Zar 95 SL, exhibited in her T-top version with an appealing totally Black guise, was presented by the patron of the company Piero Formenti who welcomed the audience of journalists with a speech focused on the company philosophy, that is a family-run reality operating on the global market as an ambassador of the Made in Italy products.

For the occasion, the patron of Zar Formenti also introduced Carlos Vidal, the designer of the Zar 95 and of all the Zar lines, including tenders and MINIs. Carlo told his particular inspiration as follows:

When I designed the Zar 95 SL, my first thought was to give owners the same feeling as when they get off a beautiful car; that its, when they move away, looking at the smallest details, they still can’t believe they have it”.

Zar 95 SL at FLIBSStefano Mazzanti of Euronautics, instead, presented the success of the Zar Formenti boats in the USA. He explained that the shipyard has also contributed to change the concept of inflatable boats in America, which are no longer considered as just a tender, but they have become true boats for primary use as in Europe. The arrival of the Zar 95 SL in America is part of the natural development of this process.

A long process that Zar Formenti started in 2011 with the launch of the ZF lines in the star-spangled market. The boats are the result of a long design studio aiming to satisfying the needs of the US clients and to introducing the necessary changes without sacrificing what is the main strength of the Zar Formenti boats, namely a highly comfortable hull that is so popular in America.

A significant anecdote, Zar 95 SL at FLIBSto better understand how the tender market in America is evolving towards the search for  “something” more, comes from Stefano’s words: “Our customers confess to us that their wives like tenders so much that they end up using them more than boats, they don’t want to get off. “

Even Jeff Roger of Inflatable Boat Pro, the first historic American dealer of Zar Formenti, took the floor.

When we sea trialed a Zar boat for the first time, we took just 15 minutes to realize that it was a true boat, which was totally unexpected on a 22-footer. Marketing has made the model the most popular one of the market. Today – he concluded – Maxi RIBs have become much more popular”.

If you want to learn more about the Zar 95 SL, we refer you to our detailed sea trial.

Zar 95 SL under way

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