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Absolute Yachts Colors Miami with new “Gen 2022 Prisma and Sphere” Reveals

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After a challenging two year period– the future looks bright and full of color for Absolute Yachts. Very bright indeed!

Mastroianni Center stage on Ramp B of the 2022 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show (MIBS), bold lettered “SOLD” signs stood out adorning hull sides on the Navetta 58, Navetta 68, and Navetta 73. Also “standing out” were continuous lines of inquisitive guests patiently waiting for their private tours on the three Absolute Yachts displacement yachts.

But garnering the most emotion were not sold signs and boarding lines – it was the revelation about what lies on the horizon! During Friday’s marine media press release engagement led by Absolute Yachts VP of Sales and CCO Cesare Mastroianni, and Rob Bowman the director of US-based affairs, brightness and brilliance in boat bulding beamed off the big screen during their presentation introducing the New Generation 2022 60 FLY – The Absolute Prisma and the new 48 CoupèThe Absolute Orizon.

Navetta 75- The Absolute Sphere

In celebration of its two decade history, the largest of the fleet showcases a hint of all predecessors. The Sphere symbolizes perfection, wholeness and harmony and plays off strengths embodied in the smaller 60 FLY such as: the solar panels, modular furniture, and location of the master cabin at the bow.

Absolute Navetta 75 All eyes aboard are pampered to a pristine ocean view from the iconic super-sized windows. And everyone can rest assured knowing windows are completely safety compliant to withstand the most violent of waves, following rigorous crash tests in a glass destroying machine.

The distinct absence of steps and the ability to walk around on a flat level is a cornerstone achievement. The single level, observable in the exterior and interior including the master cabin which allows safe passage from the bed to the head, was not by chance, but rather a specific goal in the design process and structural system to facilitate movement on board. Bowman adds – Unmatched maneuverability carries over to the wide side decks with handrails for transitioning from the bow to stern.

Absolute Yachts: the 60 FLY is a prisma revealing

Mastroianni makes it known – We choose the name Prisma because it depicts multiple colors through the light. The 60 FLY is a Prisma revealing an overturning of perspectives. The “New Gen” level of versatility and livability redefines the range of a flybridge. It represents a different way for a client to boat. The concept seeks to bring comfort to the sporty style and inspire daily or long-term cruising escapes, while enjoying both the inside and outside.

Absolute 60 FLY Distinguishing design elements include the owner’s quarters at the bow and movable modular furnishings in the salon and aft cockpit, allowing the “lifestyle of the moment” to dictate what placement setting best suits guests.

More remarkable yet… solar panels integrated directly into the hardtop generate energy, which leads to the satisfaction and comfort of clean air and quietude when anchored, thanks to the ability to switch off engines and generators.

Absolute 48 Coupé

Exteriors-48Coupé The new Absolute 48 is a sophisticated creature which, born in the famous Piacenza-based shipyard, displays a sporty imprinting that goes perfectly with the comfort and versatility that are essential features of all Absolute boats.

And the distinct sign of that Italian character stands out when it comes to the “terrace”. Yes, because the cockpit offers generous spaces and is so focused on the sea that you almost forget the wealth of quality and extreme configurability of the architectural accessories that furnish it.

When thinking about sustainability, solar energy comes to mind. Well, the Absolute 48 Coupé produces its own clean energy thanks to a “set of solar panels integrated into the roof”. And the “absolute horizon” concept returns, because one of the solar panels is transparent and is “designed to allow pleasant natural lighting without heating the environment”. Autonomy on board the Absolute 48 at anchor is therefore guaranteed.

Next appointments

The next appointment is set for the Salone Nautico Venezia running from May 28 to June 5. Sea trials will follow throughout the summer.

Mastoianni closes with his wish – to return to the concept of social boating not social distancing – There could not be a more ABSOLUTE perfect setting to accomplish his wish, than socializing at sea on the Navetta 75.

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