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ALL IN YACHT: all the quality of real teak at your feet


ALL IN YACHT manufactures high-quality solid teak decks for sailing and motor-powered yachts and superyachts

Walking barefoot on all in yacht cockpitdeck and feeling the essence of real wood is a sensation that synthetic teak will never be able to match. Architect Andrea Michelini, who grew up professionally in his family’s furniture business and has always been passionate about sailing, knows this well. In 2011, he founded ALL IN YACHT, a brand specializing in the production and design of solid teak decks for sailing and motor-powered yachts and superyachts.

This is not just any teak, but the best on the market: Burma Teak and Super Decking Rigatino Biondo, sourced from ecologically controlled forests in Myanmar, as per EU regulation N°995-2010, aimed at preventing the introduction of illegally sourced wood and wood derivatives.This teak is the best that shipyards and owners could wish for in terms of quality, durability and sustainability.

all in yacht ferrara plantALL IN YACHT teak decks are not only made of the finest raw material but also boast unparalleled manufacturing. ALL IN YACHT, in fact, uses a particular working method that complies with all ISO 9001:2015 quality requirements, for which it has obtained certification. The working method, in fact, is the basis of the company’s success, chosen by many customers also for its delivery times, always and strictly respected by the team of professionals who are dedicated to the construction and assembly of teak decks.

The preliminary work for the construction of the prefabricated decks takes place in the Ferrara-based laboratory. This procedure is designed to limit as much as possible the presence of the company’s personnel in the shipyard or on the boat to just the moment of the template or form and assembly, which is carried out in a vacuum. This allows the work team to directly monitor each stage of the production process, from design to installation, without keeping the boat busy for long periods.

Another all in yacht lockerstrength of ALL IN YACHT is the high customization level of its products, forged by hand with that painstaking care deriving from the desire to fully satisfy the customer’s needs, who can request super-customised teak work: from handrails to foot beaters, passing through teak and black ebony decking and various wooden furnishing elements. For solid teak decks, the company uses an exclusive production system, which has enabled it to achieve the highest levels of quality and customer loyalty.

The services also include refitting, as well as the aesthetic and functional upgrading of decks already installed on board, i.e. the complete or partial refurbishment of decking, seal and/or teak sanding. All this is carried out following a careful and detailed analysis of the real state of the deck and the identification of the most suitable solution based on the client’s budget and boat type.

Furthermore, ALL IN YACHT recommends specific products to its customers for the correct maintenance and long-lasting upkeep of the staves, which are not aggressive towards the surfaces and seals. These include FWP (Finish Wood Protect), a hydrophobic and oleophobic single-component protection ideal for exotic hardwood and teak wood, which does not alter the colour, and WFC (Wood Frequente Cleaner), an active detergent for deep cleaning that protects the fibres, removes dirt, degreases oily residues and restores elasticity, softness and shine to the surface.

A teak deck is a boat’s calling card – says Andrea Michelini – Of course, the exterior design immediately catches the eye, but, when you climb on board, you are immediately welcomed by the deck with its expanse of teak. Like the eye, also the foot wants its share: walking barefoot on real wood is an unparalleled sensation”.

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