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Sibilla Gambino

Italian Lighthouses Rib experience

Italian Lighthouses Rib experience

Italian Lighthouses Rib Experience, starting from the Genoa Boat Show Official start in the fall from the Genoa Boat Show, more exactly from the Lanterna, with the following legs: the lighthouses of Olbia, Giglio Island,

the ship of philosophers

The Ship of Philosophers

At the port of Petrograd it is midnight of September 29th, 1922. The moon is high, its hump is to the west and promises salvation. At the dock the ocean liner Oberbürgermeister Haken (The Ship


Superyachts: Arabic and French editions launched

SUPERYACHTS, the magazine dedicated to large yachts published by THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA, keeps on growing. From today, it has been enriched with two editions, one dedicated to the Arabian market and one reserved for


Author’s cocktails aboard

Whether sailing toward the sun, perhaps hidden among the pale rocks of an unknown island, or slowly motoring between overcrowded coves, any moment might be the right one to put the tumblers in the cooler

St.Louis Holocaust Remembrance Day

St. Louis: the liner of salvation

The odyssey of the St. Louis, the liner of salvation – Jan. 27, Holocaust Remembrance Day It was May 13, 1939. At the port of Hamburg, 936 passengers looking out from the battlement of the

Cannes Yachting Festival

Not just Yachting Festival, Cannes city guide

This year again, the Cannes Yachting Festival is ready to open its doors. From September 6 to 11 a large number of gleaming yachts, sailboats and inflatables will welcome visitors moored at the various quays


Sea myths and superstitions

Tradition through sea myths and superstitions In ancient times, the building of a boat followed strict rituals of deep sacredness. These were times when the gods decided the life and death of men, times when

Ferdinandea island

Ferdinandea Island: a European conflict averted

Ferdinandea Island: what really happened? On the morning of July 12th 1831, the sun was shining on the elegant hats of the women strolling through the San Domenico square in Sciacca, the wealthy seaside town


The unexpected event that shaped Cannes

In the middle of the 20th century, Nicolas Bouver wrote: “When travelling, the best thing is to get lost. When you are lost, plans give away to surprises, and it’s then that the journey really

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