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First contact with the Grand Soleil GS 44 Performance di Grand Soleil, the most anticipated world première of the Genoa Boat Show

Fabio Planamente (on the left) and Matteo Polli

Walking on the central pier of the dock, it is impossible not to notice her. Her lines are so different from the rest of the sailing parterre that we immediately realize we are facing a leap forward.

The quantum leap is visible at first glance. The maximum waterline beam, in fact, going towards the stern, gives way to a smaller width, which is light years away from the lines we have been used to seeing until now.

Essentially designed for ocean racing, these lines have become increasingly popular, perhaps also due to the volume they offer below deck, with good downwind performance and some inevitable limits when sailing upwind, especially in terms of angle and wetted surface.

The new GS 44 Performance, instead, after passing through the skilled hands of Matteo Polli who has designed the hull with the use of a CFD software, nonchalantly shows a front-page stern which, thanks to its extraordinarily sexy lines, widens towards the deck, thus offering precious spaces both to the crew enganded in the race and their wifes who centainly cannot complaint about the “parade ground” they will have avaible during their (fast) cruises.

Yes, because the great 2020 novelty of the Italian brand has a no easy mission: to be high-performance during races and, at the same time, beautiful and comfortable, therefore suitable to be used with ease and satisfaction even on a cruise.


The deck plan of the GS 44 Performance is customizable

grand-soleil-44-perfomance-deck The GS 44 Performance is chameleonic. grand-soleil-44-perfomance-deckhouseThere is, in fact, the possibility to install 4 or 6 winches which, according to the owner’s needs, will make the boat more regatta- or cruising-oriented, without never loosing the racing vocation which is the distinctive element of this line.

Another interesting innovation consists into the possibility for the owner to install some transverse rails to better adjust the sheet point of the headsails.

The mast, in fact, is set back and allows for a greater J, to the benefit of performance as well as the possibility to have a greater number of headsails.

This feature, combined with the small wetted surface offered by the new waterlines, promises to deliver definitively interesting performance and great seaworthiness.


Top-level habitability

grand-soleil-44-mastThe work carried out by Nauta Design for the interiors of the new GS 44 Performance is incredible. The Master Cabin is set back and benefits from a remarquable beam, which translates into a large walkway surface and a highly comfortable king-size double bed with the cushions positioned in the bow. The master apartment also features a large bathroom with separate shower box.

The interior layout includes two other double cabins and one bathroom in the stern, equally equipped with a separate shower box, a solution we’re used to seeing on cruisers.

The L-shaped galley is fully-equipped and positioned on the left; amidships, the dinette is furnished with a U-shaped sofa and a table for 8 guests while, on the starboard side, there are an additional sofa and a small chart table positioned against the bow bulwark. All the rooms, with warm and refined tones, are extremely bright thanks to the numerous windows which envelop the hull, deck house and deck.


Grand Soleil 44 Performance: Technical Specs

Length 14.96 m
Hull Length 13.41 m
Max Beam 4.26 m
Ballast 3 t
Displacement 9 t
Passengers Capacity
Project Cantiere del Pardo
Naval Architect Matteo Polli

grand-soleil-gs 44-performance

Click here to visit the page dedicated to  Grand Soleil Yachts on our Virtual Boat Show.

Gigi Servidati and Fabio Planamente
Gigi Servidati and Fabio Planamente

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